Hello... can you hear me?? IM BACK

Hellloo!! I haven't blogged much this year as I have just felt meh about blogging. I don't know why but finally am kinda over it can we call it a blogging slump that seemed to last FOREVER!!

So what have I been up to apart from blogging well 'reading and becoming even more addicted to social media. I joined instagram and I am loving taking bookstagram photos. If you want to follow me am @ megan_readingawaythedays 

I am still addicted to Twitter it's my favourite social media platform. You can follow me @teamwolf1988

Hopefully over the coming weeks I will have more reviews up and just a heads up my tastes in books have changed so much in the last year, so be on the look out for some adult erotica reviews!


  1. Hey, I hear you about the slump, I have been less than enthusiastic but I bought a new template and have started to feel a bit more oomph!! I'll visit you on Instagram, I love it!