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Today I have a Excerpt of Bullets and Bonfires for you. Grab a iced lemonade and get ready to be get get hot under the collar in Bullets and Bonfires!

The one man she’s always wanted is now the sexy sheriff of their hometown.
Battered but not broken, grad student Brianna Avery returns to the childhood home she abandoned four years ago. With her abusive ex behind bars, Bree needs the summer to relax and recover before returning to school. But her overprotective brother decides she needs someone to babysit her in his absence, and he picks the one person guaranteed to drive her nuts.

She’s the one woman he can’t have.
Telling Bree no has never been easy. Four years ago, Liam Hollister did it to preserve his friendship with his best friend—Brianna’s brother. Now, no matter how she tempts him, he’s determined to do the right thing. As deputy sheriff of their rural area, Liam is torn between protecting Brianna and wanting her for himself.

Take a risk or lose the chance.
Spending so much time alone together challenges them both. Old feelings and hurts resurface immediately. With each hot, sweaty day it’s harder to deny their attraction.
It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

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There’s so much weirdness going on here tonight. 
Keegan and Liam seem to be challenging each other. Sully and Jake seem to be afraid to even look at me.
And let’s not forget Liam has his arm around my shoulders.
Even so, I’m enjoying hanging out with Liam and his friends. It’s like catching a rare glimpse into his world. The guys are obviously close and know how to walk a fine line between entertaining and irritating each other. I’m happy to be a part of it, even if only for a short while.
Liam leans over and whispers in my ear. “Do you want to go somewhere else for dinner?”
His all-consuming heat gives me a jolt. I turn and our lips almost collide.
My mouth twitches into a shaky smile. It’s hard to concentrate with him studying me so closely. “I’m okay. This is fun.”
“You trying to get away from us, Hollister?” Jake asks, pulling Liam’s attention away and giving me a chance to breathe.
“Yeah, I don’t want Bree exposed to your deviance.”
“Are you always this mean to your friends?” I tease.
“Only Jake.”
“He considers me more of an obligation than a friend,” Jake explains, jerking his thumb in Sully’s direction. “’Cause he’s friends with my brother.”
“Ohh, I’m familiar with that situation. We should compare notes.” Nervous laughter follows my words. But I’m the only one who seems to think it’s funny.
Liam’s whole body tenses and his hold on me tightens. His silent way of telling me he doesn’t see me as a chore?
“Our waitress looks overloaded, I’m gonna go up to the bar. Anyone need anything?” Keegan asks as he slides out of the booth. Jake gives him an absurdly long list, which Keegan ignores. Sully slaps his brother on the arm and follows Keegan to the bar.
Liam leans down, his lips brushing my ear again. “Let’s be clear, you’ll never be an obligation to me.”
If only that was true.

About Autumn Jones Lake:
Autumn believes true love stories never end. She’s easily amused, a procrastinator and loves romances with true alpha heroes who cherish the sassy women they fall in love with. Her past lives include baking cookies, slinging shoes, and practicing law. Playing with her imaginary friends is her favorite job so far. Autumn prefers to write her romances on the classy side of dirty, and she’s a sucker for a filthy-talking, demanding alpha male hero. The bigger the better.


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