I think I might be over Harry Potter! :(

You have a book series you love, it gets movie adaptions, your on a fandom high, you ride that high and then it's over. Well you think its' over but wait special editions of the books are released, more books and movies come, the fandom high begins again, then you just have had enough and sadly that's how I feel about Harry Potter.

I found my love for Harry Potter in my teens. I brought all the books devoured them and fell forever in love or so I thought. The movie adaptions came and went and they are some of my favourite book to movie adaptions. We get some more side books, Tales of Beetle The Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages and such , Harry Potter World and Harry Potter Studios where built the fandom was on a super high. Then Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Arrived, then illustrated editions came out, house editions came out, Fantastic Beasts appeared and my head officially exploded and not in excitement. 

Where does it end? When does it all just stop? As a fandom Harry Potter has reached people around the planet, it's still reaching new generations which is amazing but I just feel it needs to stop. An extension of the Harry Potter world has been a hell of a fun ride but how far can you go before it waters down the magic that is Harry Potter and sadly I feel that the magic has slowly been eradicated. 

I know its making billions and billions a year but it now just feels like how much money can we make out of this franchise . I know I will be in the minority and I understand that. I am open to all opinions, so I hope you respect mine. Lets chat in the comments below!


  1. No I think it got too carried away, Harry Potter should've just stayed with the series of books and movies. No special extra's, I do love HP, but I love the originals.

  2. I agree, Megan! I'm not a super fan of the books or anything and I still do love HP but enough is enough. It's getting to be too much. It's obvious it's all about the money at this point.

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