What I Read In April & Mini Reviews

This month I read seven great books and five of them where Meghan March books. Meghan is a recent newly found author of mine and I can't wait to read more from her. So without further ado here is what I read in April.

Synopsis for book one Ruthless

Get ready for the darker and dirtier side of New Orleans with a brand new alpha romance from USA Today bestselling author Meghan March.

New Orleans belongs to me. 
You don’t know my name, but I control everything you see—and all the things you don’t. 

My reach knows no bounds, and my demands are always met. 
I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt. 

To have her in my debt. 

She doesn’t know she caught my attention. 

The Mount Trilogy by Meghan March is an adult contemporary romance trilogy which I loved so much this month. It's definitely a lot darker than a previous book I have read by Meghan March. The romance is darker, it has erotic themes and I just loved it so much. 

Ruthless the first book in the trilogy I don't even have words for it. It went from a good 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars in the last 10 pages. I had so many feels and I had to read the next book straight away. Defiant Queen, book two I gave 4 Stars and to the final book in the trilogy, Sinful Empire I gave 3.75/4 Stars. Overall I really enjoyed this trilogy.  Shocks, cliff hangers, mortally grey men, dark romance, New Orleans! What more could you ask for!! Oh yes another trilogy set in the same "world"! See below!

I really enjoy mafia romance books and I really enjoy this series by A Zavarelli. Each book can be read as stand-alone 's however I do think you will get the most enjoyment out of reading them in order. They are very dark, Steamy and violent. There is scenes of rape, assault and I found in the Thief  I felt there was some consent issues in a few scenes. Overall Saint was a  re read, my rating went up .25 stars to 3.75 Stars and I gave Thief 3.5 Stars.

Synopsis for book one Savage Prince 

Who knew things could get even darker and dirtier in New Orleans? New York Times bestselling author Meghan March introduces the Savage Prince of the city, the man you never want to meet. 

* * *
I do what I want and who I want. I don’t follow anyone’s rules—even my own.
I knew I shouldn’t touch her, but it didn’t stop me. 
Didn’t stop me the second time either. Only made me want a third. 
My lifestyle suits the savage I am, and she doesn’t. 
But Temperance Ransom is my newest addiction, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit her yet.

I’ll have her my way, even if it means dragging her into the darkness.
Hopefully it doesn’t kill us both. 

And we are back with Meghan March. The Savage Trilogy is set in the same world as the Ruthless trilogy however can be read separately. However personally I would rather read them in order to feel like am getting the full experience. 

I loved getting to explore with another character from Meghan 's world. It was still as raw and exciting. This trilogy explores  further the underbelly of Mounts New Orleans with a new strong alpha female and even stronger alpha male. Woven into an exciting page turning storyline. Again with the Cliffhanger at the end of Savage Prince. I  gave Savage Prince 4.5 Stars and the sequel Iron Princess 4 Stars. I am counting down the days till the release of Rogue Royalty releasing May 22nd!

What did you read this month?

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  1. Well because I read this post I now have two series I definitely want to read-I love how you wrote what you liked-that is what sold me-so thank you!! Have a Happy May!