Interview with SJwonderlandz & #Giveaway

I love Esty and bookish Merch so together it is one of my favourite places. I have discovered so many awesome bookish stores on Esty as well as on Instagram. One of those shops is SJwonderlandz run by the awesome Sara. She has some beautiful bookmarks and prints and I seriously have to stop myself from buying them all. Check out an interview with Sara below and a giveaway.

Photos taken from my Instagram account featuring Sara's bookmarks.

1) Can you tell me a little about yourself and why you started your esty store?

Although I have a creative day job sometimes I don't get to be as creative as I want to be. My mind is always churning. When I started my Etsy shop I was stuck in a rut of work, TV, sleep... I needed a hobby. Etsy provided me with the perfect outlet to channel my energy, combine my love for design and love of books and be excited about creating again! It also helped me to get back into reading.

2) When coming up with designs, what is your process?

I get my inspiration from favorite books or movies, current reads, author quotes or something I hear someone say. As cliche as it sounds inspiration is all around us and every idea comes to me through different channels. Once I get an idea that I am excited about it gets stuck in me, spinning around itching to get out! My recent Hobbit meals mug release was floating around in my head for about 4 months before I acted on it. Putting out new ideas is always thrilling and a little scary because you never know if people will like it as much as I do!

3) What are some of your favourite designs so far in your store?

My favorites are always changing, usually the answer is what ever I have designed most recently. I will say that my favorite pin is the As Travars pin inspired by ADSOM series. I really wanted the pin to look like a coin that I could use to travel between worlds and I think I captured that.

4) What are your favourite fandoms to design and what fandoms would you like to do more of?

Harry Potter, always. One thing I really love about bookstagram is discovering new fandoms and books to read. Of course I already knew of, had read, seen the movies and loved Harry Potter, but I have been introduced to so many series that I am not sure I would have stumbled on without my bookstagram friends. 

5) Do you have anything in the works you can tell us?

Well, I'm always coming out with new bookmarks. I like to draw to relax. I would love to add more woodmarks and campfire mugs in the future. When I released the Hobbit mug I had 5 other ideas drawn up. I recently shared one more of those and hopefully will get to share the others!

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Win the two Harry Potter bookmarks featured above . Open International. Giveaway sponsored by me. Ends 26th January 2018 @11.59 PM

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  1. I just love bookmarks. My grandkids love looking at the ones I have collected over the years. When anyone goes traveling they always bring me back one.

  2. would love more bookmarks - my cats somehow lost my fave by knocking my book off the table in the night (lost my page too, grrr...), and I keep leaving them places, like in the middle of books lol!!

  3. Would love these for my daughter x

  4. My son collects bookmarks so this would be lovely.

  5. Would like to win for my daughter.

  6. Thanks for the great prize and competition! Good luck everyone.