The Guardians of Souls Blog Tour: Guest Post from author Amy Jones

What is a book trailer and why should authors have one?

What is a book trailer?

The book trailer serves the same purpose as a movie trailer. Movie trailers are intended to lure the potential movie go-er into the movie theater by providing visual blurbs from the film. This will give the viewer a taste of the work with out giving away the whole story and hopefully will entice him or her to desire to see more. Book trailers work the same way. The main difference being that movie trailers show actual footage of the film being released in the theaters. Book trailers use visual images, music and written words to capture the attention of potential readers.

Why should an author create a book trailer for his or her novel?

Today we live in the Age of the Internet. Millions log on to their online accounts every day to check email, post their status on facebook, tweet, blog....We have become a very technologically driven society. If authors are to compete in this market we must take advantage of every resource of marketing available to us. If you make a book trailer you can upload it to Youtube and link to websites, blogs, Goodreads and Amazon Author pages. If it's done well people will plaster it all over the Internet. This, my friends, if free advertising.

Just think about how remarkable this concept is. You're taking a product that relies solely on the visual imagination of the reader and you sell this product by flashing musically choreographed visual imagery across a screen. I know, I know.... when I first learned about book trailers I was skeptical too. I thought to myself, isn't this a tad bit contradictory? Book lovers enjoy getting lost in their own imagination. It doesn't make sense.. but it works. Book trailers have become very popular. In fact, when I find myself shopping for a new read I discover the book is accompanied by a book trailer nearly fifty percent of the time ( this is not actual statistical data, just my personal experience). This may be because I purchase and read alot of Indie books and Indie Writers are the most successful as a result of social networking. None the less, book trailers are virtually trail blazing a path in today's publishing industry.

I am believer in the book trailer and so I find it most appropriate to share my latest creation with you now. I hope that you will be intrigued and enjoy this book trailer I created for The Guardians of Souls, Book Two in the Soul Quest Trilogy.

~Amy Jones

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