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So I wanted to start this new feature! I don't know how often am going to do it or even if I will do it again. I just want to see what you guys think of it. You all know I love reading, it's kind of a silly question, you guys come here for my book reviews and author interviews etc but I also love Movies, Music & TV and I wanted to do this new post to tell you guys what movies am looking forward to, music I am loving and television programmes I think are amazing! So after all this blabbing here is my first post on what am loving! Tell me what you guys think of this new feature. Enjoy!


I love movies! I can watch any movies (apart from horror) and most of the time I love them. Some of my fave types of movies is Sci-Fi basically anything by Steven Spielberg, fantasy based movies, some Zombie movies, even though I don't like horror I can deal with Zombies! But some of my all time favourites are disaster end of the world type movies and action films. I love the Bourne series! One of my favourite movies I am looking forward to seeing in September is an action movie starring one of my favourite actors, Taylor Lautner. That movie is Abduction!

Taylor Lautner stars as a young man who unwittingly stumbles upon an image of himself as a young boy on a missing persons website. Suddenly the feeling that he was living someone elses life comes true and he finds himself on the run from trained killers out to get him along with his neighbour and friend Karen played by Lily Collins. Abduction is full of fights, amazing stunts and is a must see movie for all action-thriller lovers! To me Taylor Lautner is the new Bourne!


I love music! I love all sorts of music from R n B to pop to dance music to classical. I can listen to any type of music as long as I like the song, I don't have to like all the artists work to like one of their songs. I am in love with a few songs at the minute that all have different sounds! Here is my top 4 songs I am loving:

4. Dappy- No Regrets

I really like this song! I first heard it a few weeks ago when my sister showed it to me. This is Dappy's first solo single away from his band Ndubz! It is such a good song! I think it is going be a big hit! It's out September 19th!

3. Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger

This song is so good! Every time I listen to it I want to get up and dance. I really like Adam's voice and Christina Aguelia also features in the song! Move like Jagger is out September 5th!

2. Bruno Mars- Marry Me

I know this song isn't new but I love it! I first heard Glee's version and loved it and only recently realised Bruno Mars sung it. You can also check out the Glee version below! The Glee cast sang it for Kurt's dad's wedding!

1. Jackson Harris - Go Crazy!

Jackson is one of my new favourite people. I discovered him about a month ago when he was filming this music video with one of my favourite you tubers the Shaytards! Now I love his music! Go Crazy is such a great song and I can't help singing along! And it helps that Jackson is cute as well! Go Crazy is available now at itunes: http://bit.ly/nqKzzu


I am a TV addict! I love all sorts of programmes from drama to comedy to quiz shows to cooking shows to reality TV! But one of my favourite TV programmes is DOCTOR WHO! I am a big Doctor who fan as well as a massive Torchwood fan the spin off TV show to Doctor who. I am so excited for the return of Doctor who tonight as the last episode left us on a big cliff hanger/shock! Here is the trailer for the rest of Season 6 part 2 of Doctor who!

So what did you think of this new feature? Did you like it? What movies are you looking forward to? What music and TV our you loving? Comment below!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of theses videos above! All opinions are my own!

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