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The Commander and the Den Asaan

Today on Reading Away The Days I am happy to have an excerpt from Michelle Franklin's novel, Book one in the Haanta Series, The Commander and the Den Asaan as part of her book tour! I hope you enjoy the excerpt and check out the giveaway at the end of the post!

He had anticipated her arrival, and to be certain of her entrapment regardless of which room she had chosen to enter, the Den Asaan employed his various ambush techniques to wedge himself between the rafters opposing the entrances of the quarters. He needed only to wait until she opened a door to push her through it. Leaping on her from behind and turning her onto her back while falling took some finesse, but his gifts of infiltration had done well for him here. He sat on his knees with his legs on either side of her and pressed the chief of his weight down upon her hips to pin her to the ground. He leaned over her, assessing her with the same rapacious eyes he had done in the kitchen and growled in a low, ambitious hum. "You have provoked me for too long, woman," he warned her, pressing the bridge of his nose eagerly against hers.

The Commander
 smiled at his sincerity and enjoyed watching him remark all the details of her face. " I have done nothing but politely tease," she professed, pressing a hand against her breast. His voracious remained through her speech. He tapered his gaze and scoured her form, taking in the scent of her skin with
profound inhalations.

"So," she smirked, "you've hunted and trapped me. Does this mean you're laying your claim to me?" "I am, woman," he declared, eyeing the curve of her wide hips. " Is this the usual manner in which your men ask for a mate?" The giant leaned forward, pressing his massive chest firmly against her frame. "I will not ask," he purred in her ear. "Oh, no? Shame. I had a rejection all planned out for you." Regardless of her mockery, she could not move now, and Rautu would do everything necessary to secure his prize while he had her within reach. He impressed his stern features upon hers, took  hold of her arms and pinned them to the ground with his might to make certain they would not wander toward pleasure places during his profession. He stared into her dark eyes, his chest surged with a prepartory breath, and decidely stated," I am ending this senseless frustration. You will consent to be my Traala. You have continually incited me when it is my duty to be still and observant." "And I have ruined everything," she archly crooned. " I understand your concerns on the matter and I will not provoke you again. You may release me now." Rautu did release her, but before she could move he pressed his monstrous hands down upon her chest," You will agree to be my Traala," he bellowed. She gleered at him and raised her brows,
"Shall, I?" "Yes, you will, woman. You will attend me when I call you, will obey my word, and you will perform the ritual with me whenever I ask it." "And what is your part in this exactly?" " I must promise to fulfill you, to initiate the act, and to defend your honour when others wish to have you or speak against you." "Is that all," she scoffed. " That is sufficent for the purpose of this bond. If you were one of my people, you would be expected to bear Mivaari." "You shall have to settle with being disappointed in that regard." She lifted the bottom of her tunic to reveal a long scar lining the length of her abdomen. " I was made to understand that the main purpose of Khopra was to reproduce." "It is also to give our men Dhraaha." "Is that another obligation I will be made to fulfill." "Yes," he hissed. She assumed by his not explaining the word that it must refer to the natural course of a man's release and simpered while looking up at his severe countenance, taking great pleasure in his forceful eagerness to have her. "And if I should accept your generous offer I would not be expected to keep a home or recieve bothersome guests?" "Sharing a home and remaining in a mate's company throughout the night is part of Ataas Traala, our life mates, and warriors are forbidden from this bond. We are only premitted to have Traala-" "And you would rather have me in this manner than know way at all?" Rautu was silenced by the force of his desperation. His brow bent in fretfulness to see her simpering at him and he began to believe that she meant to refuse him.

Excerpt from The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu by Michelle Franklin!

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