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A little about E.J Stevens and her writing career so far:

I was raised on stories of faeries and goblins and really did believe there were bloodthirsty monsters hiding in the shadows (in fact, I'm still not convinced that they don't exist). The myths of my childhood opened my mind to the possibility of magic in our everyday world. This belief in magic and monsters, and my massive childhood Edgar Allan Poe obsession, inspired much of my earlier writing and led to a love of paranormal literature.

In 2009 my first collection of poetry, From the Shadows, was published.  Encouraged by the response of readers, I began writing a collection of paranormal poetry that told the tale of the dark creatures I have grown to love from folklore, myth, and legend.  Shadows of Myth and Legend published May 2010.

2010 was also the year that the Spirit Guide series became available to readers.  She Smells the Dead received amazing reviews, with over 100 reviews of 4-stars or greater, and has been featured on many of Amazon's Top 100 Rated lists in the paranormal and mystery categories.  The series continued with the release of Spirit Storm in January of 2011.  Legend of Witchtrot Road, Spirit Guide #3, releases October 4, 2011.

You write the SPIRIT GUIDE series, a young adult paranormal series, which includes SHE SMELLS THE DEAD, SPIRIT STORM, and out this October LEGEND OF WITCHTROT ROAD. Could you tell me a little about this series?
The Spirit Guide series is a fun young adult series that combines mystery, paranormal romance, and quirky characters. 

Yuki has a secret...she smells the dead.

In She Smells the Dead we learn of Yuki's paranormal gift...or curse.  Yuki has the psychic gift of clairalience--the ability to sense the dead through smell.  Trying to help a ghost take care of unresolved issues based on the smell impressions they leave behind is difficult, but Yuki doesn't give up easily.  With the help of her friends, Yuki struggles to solve the mystery of the ghost haunting her...and survive high school.

Spirits of the Dead are coming...


Spirit Storm picks up immediately where She Smells the Dead leaves off, with Yuki facing Samhain, the most frightening night of the year.  Yuki and her friends need to find a way to protect Yuki's mind from the army of lost souls that will be unleashed--and they're running out of time. 

Surviving agitated ghosts, irritated witches, angry werewolves, and the horrors of high school has never been so hard.


Legend of Witchtrot begins with the death of Dylan Jacobs, a student from Yuki's High School.  Unfortunately, Dylan's ghost isn't the scariest thing lurking in the halls of Wakefield High.  The football team is convinced that goth girl Yuki is responsible for casting a curse that killed Dylan while driving on Witchtrot Road...and they're ready to seek revenge.  Yuki and her amazing friends need to solve the mystery of Dylan's death before the violent bullying turns deadly.

Where did you get the idea to write the Spirit guide series?

The idea for the Spirit Guide series came to me while walking past the overgrown graveyard beside my home. I was overwhelmed by a strong smell and suddenly wondered what it would be like to have a psychic connection with spirits of the dead that came in the form of smells, rather than sight or sound.

I love all the covers for the Spirit Guide series. How much input did you have in the designing of the covers and who designed them?

Aren't they fabulous?  The cover designs are a combined effort between myself and Bill Sanborn, photo manipulation extraordinaire. 

Your series is YA paranormal a genre which I think is great, why did you decide to write in this particular genre?

When considering the gift of clairalience, I was struck by the difficulties this character would face.  Being haunted by ghosts is never easy, and smelling the dead has more challenges than most psychic abilities, but dealing with this while coping with high school seemed nearly inconceivable.  I suddenly wanted to create a character who could not only face this challenge, but do it with a spunky kind of grace. 

Is there any other genre you would like to write in?

I am also working on an adult urban fantasy series.  The Ivy Granger series will release in 2012 with the first book, Shadow Sight.  I love YA, but am enjoying working within a darker world where the creatures in the shadows not only smell bad...they probably want to eat you.

Which genre do you like reading yourself and why?

Ninety percent of the books I read are paranormal, with the occasional mystery thrown in for variety.  Most of these books are young adult, though I also love reading urban fantasy.  My first literary loves were the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Lord Halifax's Ghost Stories.  All of these years later, my TBR pile reflects these childhood favorites.

Will there be anymore of the Spirit Guide series once LEGEND OF WITCHTROT ROAD debuts in the fall?

Yes! A Spirit Guide Series supplemental novella, The Calvin and Yuki Diaries, is currently in the works.  Brush with Death and The Pirate Curse, the fourth and fifth Spirit Guide Series novels, are expected to release in 2012.

Why should we read the Spirit Guide Series?

These books are filled with mystery, humor, and romance that will appeal to young readers and the young at heart.  Quirky, loveable characters will take you on an adventure like you've never experienced before.

Are you currently working on any more projects?

I am currently working on new books in the Spirit Guide YA paranormal series and the Ivy Granger urban fantasy series.

Thanks to E.J for this awesome interview. You can check out the Spirit Guide series website here. You can also buy the books here.

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E.J has sent me some awesome swag packs to giveaway to two lucky winners! Swag includes:

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  1. I'm in love with these covers. There so beautiful and mesmerising. Really want to read these books. :) Going to have to order them.

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  7. I love seeing all the different types of covers, they say don't judge a book by it's cover but everyone makes there covers convey to book that you kinda do in the end.

    That is the best way to get an idea for a book, it's really cool, I'd love that to happen to me!

    How long did it take you to write the first book?
    Did the ideas just come to you after walking past the graveyard?

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  8. Thank you all for visiting. Happy to hear all of the wonderful book cover comments. :)

    @jessicabelikov: Yes, I recorded a voice message to myself on my phone (so I wouldn't forget) and rushed home to my writing desk. I didn't sleep for the first few days as the ideas flowed. After that, I returned to my usual writing schedule. :)

    Since writing full-time, I write about 2 1/2 books per year.

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
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  9. The books sound amazing. More to add to my reading list!
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    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
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  12. E.J.,
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  14. Lea Ellen: I am very excited about the Ivy Granger Psychic Detective urban fantasy series. Details (and fab cover art) coming soon! ;)

    Devyn: Thank you!

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
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  15. I love EJ Stevens' new books. They are excellent and well written, very popular, with many wonderful five star reviews.(like I expected) me? she will always be 'My favorite Paranormal Poet'

  16. I've already read She Smells the Dead and it was amazing, recommend to anyone, who loves YA paranormal, I hope I read the others books as well (on my wishlist for a long time)

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  20. I've been hearing things about these books for a while and I'm eager to read them, but I'll also be putting The Ivy Granger series on my to-read list too :-)

    Thanks for making it international and thank-you to E.J Stevens as well!

  21. Thank you all!

    Rachel: Shadow Sight, the first book in The Ivy Granger series, is now on Goodreads. (with fab cover pics and book blurby goodness)

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
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