The CONduct Series Blog Tour- Author Interview!

Welcome to my stop on The CONduct Series Blog Tour! For my stop the awesome author that is Jennifer Lane talks abouts about how she came up with the idea for The CONduct Series to some of her favourite reads! Enjoy the interview and leave a nice comment for Jennifer below!

A little about the CONduct Series:

You might notice I emphasize the "con" in The Conduct Series. That's because this is a romantic suspense series about two convicts recently released from prison who meet on their parole officer's doorstep. Sophie Taylor is a former psychologist who went to prison due to an ethical breach with a client who used and manipulated her. Grant Madsen is a former Navy lieutenant who went to prison when his Mafia family forced him to pull a job. As they crawl their way back to dignity and hope, they begin to fall in love, neither knowing about their hidden connection waiting to reveal itself like a ticking bomb.

Where did you get the idea for the CONduct Series?

They say "write what you know". Fortunately I haven't gone to prison (yay) or met a hot criminal (boo) but I am a psychologist, so I thought it would be fun to explore my worst nightmare in a fictional tale. I'm also drawn to stories about redemption and healing, which I witness every day in therapy. I tried to use psychological knowledge about post-traumatic stress, family relationships, and the importance of mentors to give a sense of validity to the story.

Is there any other genres you would like to tackle? i.e. dystopian, paranormal etc

My next novel (Against the Tide) will stick to the romantic suspense genre but it will be the first time I'm tackling Young Adult, so I'm very excited for that opportunity. Honestly I'm not that into paranormal right now. I find normal life so engrossing that I'm not seeking an escape into the paranormal. I've only read a few dystopian novels and they rock my world. I wonder if I could be creative enough to come up with a credible dystopian plot? I'm sticking to romantic suspense for now because I love the emotional connection of romance and the suspense of life-threatening action.

What genres do you like to read yourself and what are some of your fave titles?

I like general fiction--novels like Memoirs of a Geisha and The Help. I also love family dramas and military stories like Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille. (Men in uniform are dreamy!) Currently I'm into the I-Team romantic suspense series by Pamela Clare.

Why should we read the CONduct Series?

I'm blessed The Conduct Series has received some wonderful reviews, but one thing I've learned as a newbie author is that reader tastes are so unique. I tried to create complex, intelligent characters who make you laugh and cry, and if that's the kind of thing you like, you might dig this series. Or you might think it's rubbish!


  1. Thank you for participating in the tour. Don't forget you can offer your readers an eBook copy of one of the books, their choice.

  2. Hi Megan, thank you for hosting a stop on the tour! I think I'll be giving my YA novel a new title--Streamline--but we're still deciding. Happy reading!

  3. Great interview. So glad you didn't have to experience jail to write it ;)

    On the hottie convict, you never know.

  4. Cherie, so you're saying there's still a CHANCE? :D

  5. I enjoyed learning more about the author behind the series through the interview. It's always interesting to see what each person's reading tastes are.

    Looking forward to the books! Thanks for posting.

  6. It's the CON in conduct that helps to me draw me to these books.


  7. Memoirs of a Geisha is a wonderful book. Can't wait to read your books.