YA Feature: Introducing 2012 debut YA author Robin Bridges

This week on Reading Away The Days YA Feature is 2012 debut author Robin Bridges. Robin debuts her novel, The Gathering Storm on the 10th of January! Check out my interview with Robin below and why not leave a nice comment as well!

A little about Robin's writing journey:

I’ve been writing stories since I was little. From poems to murder mysteries to unicorn romances! And I would have continued to write even if I’d never gotten an agent or a publishing contract.  I’ll probably never finish the unicorn romance, though.

Can you tell me a little about your debut novel The Gathering Storm?

Katerina of Oldenburg is a sixteen year old hiding a dark secret from her aristocratic family: she can raise the dead.  At the Smolni Institute, an elite school for daughters of European royalty and nobility, she discovers a supernatural evil growing in 1880’s St. Petersburg .  She must protect her family, not only from the two most dangerous vampire families in the city, but must also keep them out of the power struggle between the warring faerie courts.  She must also save them from herself and her own terrifying powers.

Where did you get the idea for The Gathering Storm?

I’ve always loved Russian history and Russian fairy tales.


The cover for The Gathering Storm is beautiful. Who designed it and did you have much say in the design of the cover?

I really didn’t have much say in the cover, but I was so happy with the result! Trish Purcell was the Random House designer and I think her work is magical.

How does it feel to be releasing your debut novel?

It’s like waiting for your birthday as a child, or Christmas-  I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at all the night before my launch date!

Why should we read The Gathering Storm?

If you like a little magic in your historical fiction, or enjoy reading alternative history, The Gathering Storm is for you. J

Robin's Favourites:

Favourite book as a child:

The Queen of Spells, by Dahlov Ipcar, about a girl who has to rescue her love from a fairy queen.

Favourite book as a teenager and why? 

Still Life with a Wood Pecker by Tom Robbins.  It was the book we all passed around in twelfth grade and giggled over because it was both funny and naughty.

A book you have read that has taught you a lesson and why?

My ninth grade English teacher was a big champion of positive thinking.  She recommended Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which led to me reading all sorts of books about spiritualism and philosophy in junior high and high school.

A book/ author you would recommend to my readers?

If you can’t get enough of historical paranormal stories, you’ll love Saundra Mitchell’s THE VESPERTINE, or Sonia Gensler’s THE REVENANT.

The Gathering Storm is avaiable now for pre-order!


Keep in contact with Robin:

Website: www.robinbridges.com

Twitter: @robinbridges

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