Author Interview: L.A.Weatherly

I am excited to welcome author L.A. Weatherly to my blog. L.A. Weatherly is the author of many books including one of my favourite series' the Angel Trilogy. The Angel Trilogy includes, Angel (Angel Burn in the US) Angel Fire & releasing in October 2012 the last in the series, Angel Fever! With one of my favourite fictional guys, I heart Alex :)  I hope you enjoy the interview!

Angel (Angel, #1)Angel Fire (Angel, #2)

Can you describe the following characters in five words?

Willow: grounded, caring, determined, psychic, pretty
Alex: gorgeous, strong, tender, driven, hot-tempered
Seb: gorgeous (LOL, sorry to repeat, but they both are!), complicated, teasing, private, stubborn 
Raziel: devious, powerful, ambitious, amoral, narcissistic 
Kara: sexy, impetuous, skilled, loyal, straight-talking

The Angels in your series are different from anything else I have read. How did you come up with the aspects your angels would protray, i.e. how they cause harm to humans etc.

It was just one of those serendipitous ideas that comes to you sometimes. I was looking at a non-fiction display of books about angels, and suddenly thought: What if angels aren't good and kind like we think they are? What if they have an agenda of their own? 

Why Mexico for the main setting for the second book in the trilogy, Angel Fire?

It was all because of Alex! He started speaking fluent Spanish in Angel - something I hadn't planned on, but decided to go along with - which then made Mexico a natural choice for a destination once they were on the run. I focused the story on Mexico City because I thought the urban setting would make a nice contrast to all the wide open spaces in Angel.

In Angel Fire we are introduced to more AK's (Angel Killers) , who was your favourite new AK to write about?

Ooh, good question. I actually really liked all of them, and just wish I'd had more time to devote to their different personalities in the story. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be a toss-up between Kara and Sam.

Seb! I don't know whether I love him or I dislike him! There is something fishy about him even if Willow can trust him without a thought. (I think I don't like Seb as he is messing up one of my favourite couples in fiction's relationship, coming in with his half-angelness LOL). Did you enjoy creating this character?

LOL, I love how passionate you are about this question! I think a lot of readers probably share your ambivalence towards Seb, and for the exact same reason. I'll just say that the reason Willow trusts him so quickly is that she gets an excellent (and accurate) sense of who he is from the moment their hands touch - one of the benefits of being a psychic half-angel. ;)  

And yes, I enjoyed creating Seb very much, if 'creating' is the right word for a character who has such definite ideas about everything. In fact, I have to say that I love Seb almost as much as I do Alex now. I fell for him very hard during the writing of Angel Fire! 

Many people have their visions of who should play Alex and Willow if Angel was made into a movie but I just see them as Alex and Willow and can't put a famous face to them. Have you ideas of who you would like to portray Willow and Alex?

Very excitingly, the film rights to the series have now been optioned, so yes, this has been on my mind! I think Amanda Seyfried would be perfect as Willow. For Alex, I'm not sure. Sean Faris has the right look but is probably too old by now. Asher Book might be good. 

Amanda Seyfried Photos HD

Can you give us a little snippet about Angel Fever? :) : )

I'm not ready to share any of the writing yet. However, I can tell you that all three of the main characters will be facing even more difficult situations than ever before as they approach the final epic battle against the angels. It'll really be the agony and the ecstasy in places ... but I think readers will like how it all ends up. 

Why should we read the Angel Trilogy in a sentence?

Because if you don't, I might have to stop writing and get a real job - please help me escape this dire fate! 
Angel & Angel Fire are avaiable to buy at Amazon, Waterstone's, WH Smith. (And Borders in the US.)

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  1. OMG!!!! I LOVE HER!
    Donna from BPFL introduced me to this trilogy...and thank GOD I have the UK versions...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! and now I own the second book which I'm dying to read! I'll have to see when I can get to reread Angel to then read Angel Fire *-* but maybe I'll wait until book 3 is released or close to release... >.<
    thanks for the interview... um...~rubs imaginary beard~ Seb