The Childe Blog Tour: This or That with Ryan Beckford & your chance to win a KINDLE FIRE!

I am so happy to be part of The Childe Blog Tour. The Childe series is one of my favourite series and competes in my opinion with some of my favourite series, including Twilight & Harry Potter! Enjoy my this or that with Ryan Beckford one of my favourite characters from the series, and don't forget to check out how you can win yourself a Kindle Fire!

This or That: Ryan Beckford

Halloween or Christmas?

Definitely Halloween, it’s the one night that I can be myself and not have to worry about people finding out my secret.

Football or Baseball?

This one’s easy, football. I actually play on the varsity team at Astoria High. Oh, and just in case youre wondering what position I play, its running back.

Movies or Music?

My first instinct is to say music. I mean I really like movies too, but music gets me through a lot of things. I listen to it while I exercise, study, train…lots of stuff.

Red heads or Blonde? :)

Hmm…I’m pretty sure that if I didnt say red heads, Id get in big trouble with Cat…so Im going to say red heads. But to be honest I tend to like darker haired girls over blondes anyway.

Vampires :) or Werewolves?

Hahaha! Well I guess the “cat’s out of the bag on this one. You could call it a bias, but Im pretty much on the side of the Vampires.

Live in the country or live in a city?

Alright so this was a tough one. I love the city, but living in the country does give me and mine some great benefits. Seclusion is a huge bonus, plus living in the country has allowed us to blend in. It

Summer or Winter?

Oh the winter definitely. I absolutely love snow and the cold weather. Plus it kind of helps that I’m cold blooded I guess. And sunshine is completely overrated.

Which Era would you prefer to live in: Victorian Era or the 1920's?

Well…I guess if I was given the choice I d go with the Victorian Era. It wouldve been interesting to see how my ancestors ruled during that time. I hear that we were quite the force back then, and since I have huge problems with what they were doing during that time, I probably wouldve tried to be the voice of change. Then maybe my family and I wouldnt be in the predicament that were in now.

Chocolate ice cream or Vanilla ice cream?

Mmmmm, chocolate is easily my favorite ice cream flavor. It goes pretty awesomely with almost everything dessert related, hahaha!

Which book would you choose to read: Dracula or Harry Potter?

Well since Dracula really doesn’t do it for me, Im going to have to say Harry Potter. Its just that Dracula gives all vampires a bad name, and lets not get into how far from the truth Bram Stoker was when he wrote it. I know its not like we dont have our issues with everyone knowing each others business, but it is easier to stay “hidden” in a small port town like Astoria.

Come back on the 6th of Febuary to check out my review of Dark Days the second book in The Childe Series. In the meantime why not check out my review of The Childe the first book in the series!

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