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Today I am excited to introduce author T.G. Ayer who just released her debut YA novel, Dead Radiance on February 25th. Check out my interview with the author and the swag giveaway at the end!

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

I am a South African born writer and I guess I will have to admit I am a poet first and then a writer. I have always had the dream to one day write my own novel and be published but life and kids and responsibilities put dreams like that on the back burner. Now that my kids are teens I have much more time to concentrate on my writing and The Teens are a force to be reckoned with. Their demands for chapters are not unlike that of my editor.

Can you tell us a little about your debut novel, Dead Radience?
Dead Radiance is a novel centred around a teen foster kid with a history that even she is unaware. All she knows is she hates the strange ability that she has - she sees golden auras around people. The book opens at the point where she discovers that the aura is a prediction of death and she is mourning her dearest friend. Bryn is a complex character and struggles with trust, as well as her loneliness. The book explores the choices she makes and follows her as she learns of her heritage and finds her true destiny.

Dead Radience is based on Norse Mythology. Why Norse Mythology?
I have always been fascinated by mythology. To be quite honest I have a soft spot for Egyptian mythology but as always a writer needs to delve deeper and I thought Norse- its not a subject that's been touched too much.. I do know Neil Gaiman features Norse mythological characters in some of his novels. And Carrie Jones' NEED series takes a fresh look at Norse myths. I wanted to do something different and I hope it pleases my readers...

I love the cover of Dead Radience. Who designed it and did you have much say in the designing process?

My cover was created by the amazing Eduardo Priego. Thankfully I've had a lot of influence in terms of the design and structure of the cover. Eduardo was talented enough to bring my imagination to life. I tried to incorporated various aspects of the story within the cover- no too much though, just enough to intrigue. Of course the necklace and the sword are major players.

How does it feel to have just released your first novel?
It's quite surreal- it's like turning 30 - you know something amazing has happened but you don't really feel any different. I'm very happy though. It's a dream come true and I feel honoured to be able to create stories for people worldwide to enjoy...

Dead Radience is the first in the series how many can we expect?

At the moment there are three but I have a niggling suspicion there is a fourth that might raise its hand for attention. It depends entirely on how the next two books pan out in terms of plot conclusion and character growth. I wouldn't want to write a fourth or a fifth book just to fill a book with words. So we shall see - I will keep you posted :)

Why should we read Dead Radience in 140 characters?

If you want strong characters, meaningful character growth and a trip into a little-explored mythology then Dead Radiance is for you.

Thanks to T.G.Ayer for the interview! Dead Radience is avaiable to buy now in paperback & Ebook / Ebook UK

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