The Childe Blog Tour: Dark Days Review & Give@way

Thanks to Adam & Carol for sending me an ARC of Dark Days for review! If you haven't already check out my other post from the tour, a This or That post with Ryan Beckford!

Dark Days is the second book in The Childe series. You can check out my review of The Childe here

My Review:

Where do I start with how much I loved Dark Days! As soon as I got it I read the first 200 pages that night. I couldn't put it down. Credit has to be given to Adam and Carol for a great series. I really enjoyed The Childe (the first book in the series) and didn't think it could get any better as it was already so awesome but to my surprise and joy it got a million times more better and I feel the next book and the next book after that will just get even more exciting!

I hope you excuse the rant but I really just love this series. Even so much I can compare the love to two of my other fave series of books Twilight Saga & the Harry Potter series. My love of The Childe Series is up there with them!

So, Dark Days! It starts of just where The Childe ended which I really liked. It felt like the story just continued to flow very easily from the first book to the second book. Cat are protagonist is till trying to get over the shock of finding out she is adopted. But little does she know there are more secrets to come. When Cat finds out that she is in fact a Childe she of course is like, what, your all crazy! But once it sinks in I think she takes it really well and tries to cope with it. Cat is a very strong character which I love!

The thing that I love the most with this series is I can kind of guest a little about certain things that are happening but also I keep getting shock, after shock of new revelations. One thing I did see coming was that there is not only vampires in the town but werewolves as well. Which I love! It seems if there is vampires or vs versus there has to be werewolves!

Again like in The Childe I loved Cat's friends! If you have read The Childe you will know they are a great bunch. Did you all guess Julies secret? I surely didn't, well I knew there was something. Was I that stupid, now I think of it, it makes sense.

Before I wrap this up and sorry again for rambling. I heart Ryan Beckford!!! Can he get any cuter!! I love him and Cat. However if I lived Astoria maybe I would have a chance with him. I am a redhead after all LOL.

Overall I really loved Dark Days! I cant recommend it enough! The ending has left me in suspense! Adam and Carol I need the next instalment :)

5/5 Stars

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  1. this giveaway its international?

  2. i loved cat and hoping 2 read dark days soon

  3. Lovin' It!!The Childe was Awesomesauce!Love the blog tour n meetin' new bloggers! Am so lookin' forward to readin' Dark Days,I've already followed on facebook n twitter,since before the blog,so I can't do it again.And already followin' your blog.Love the review!

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  6. Loved the Childe & can't wait to read Dark Days myself. How soon until book 3 releases?

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