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Thanks to author Lakisha Spletzer for this awesome piece of flash fiction. Lakisha's celebration topic was graduation.

Lakisha Spletzer is an Indie Cross-Genre writer of science fiction/fantasy. She started writing stories and poetry at the age of 8 and hasn't stopped yet. She loves diving into writing and giving readers the stories that swirl around in her head.

This graduation post excerpt is taken from book 2, Midnight Revelations, in Lakisha Spletzer's Werelove series.

Citrus Academy Stadium


The forecast for Graduation Day had been for clear skies and sunny, yet Laylah could find no solace in such a beautiful day. All rays of hope in her life had been extinguished and nothing but darkness surrounded her as she moved closer to her wedding day. While her classmates basked in the glow of a job well done, her soul was screaming in agony at the impending loss of freedom. The trap her father had set was almost completely closed around her.
She forced herself to listen to Principal Hubbard speaking. Before long it would be her turn as one of the co- Salutatorians to speak. While the others had decided on speeches, she chose a poem that she had written for Literature class. At the time she'd written it ,it had been a heartfelt send-off for herself and the other graduating Seniors. Now the words were bitter to her but she would not fail in her duty to deliver them with all the pomp and emotion it was worth.
Principal Hubbard finished speaking and the Valedictorian took the stage. He was a popular guy who was not only intelligent, but athletic. After his part, she would be next. A flutter of nervousness filled her ,but repeated practices in front of her classmates and Miss Lipps, had assured her that she would be fine. She really hoped that she wouldn't ever have to get up in front of this many people again and talk. Unlike the Valedictorian and her fellow Salutatorians , she did not relish the limelight.
“...Now, LaylahLeCroix will read poetry that we, the Senior class, believe sums up our feelings about our academic journey,” the Valedictorian stated proudly.
There was polite applause as she stood and made her way to the podium. None of it was from her family. Neither Father nor Grand- mère had come. Only Jacques was with her on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. Not that she cared any more. She didn't need to see her father's scowling face or Grand-mère's disapproving glare. She was happy without that added anxiety. Not that she had inner peace, but at least today was bearable.
She took a steadying breath. She would make it through this reading without any problems. She plastered a smile on her face and began reading the poem:

The Last Good-Bye

Our youth that we so highly prized-
Has at last slipped away.
We stand poised at the brink of adulthood-
Scared, unsure ,yet hopeful
Thinking back upon the memories we've shared-
Some we've laughed; some we've cried.
Wishing now that we could go back to those-
Care free days of happiness and joy.
Longing for those wild ,crazy ,exuberant years-
Of youth which has gone away.
We hear it still-
Beckoning us back but yet pushing us ever forward.
Looking back we see the world was ours-
And ours ,alone to do as we pleased.
So we reigned and ruled as queens and kings-
Without protest from those around us.
But now we must look ahead-
And follow the shining stars.
They call for us to come-
And join them on their courses
Too ur parents we givethanks-
For without their support we wouldn't be.
To the teachers and school staff-
Who had faith enough to believe in you and me.
This is for those whose lives we touched-
Maybe changing them for the better.
This is the world-
Who is about to meet us on our own terms.
For all those who see us and meet us-
Watch out guys!
We're coming in full force-
Like a hurricane at midday.
We say thanks and good journey-
Live and prove yourself true.
Live up to your beliefs-
And forever remember this last good-bye.
The thunderous applause ,as she finished reading, surprised her into a real smile. She went back to her seat and spent the rest of the ceremony thinking about her future. When her turn came, she accepted her diploma to moderate applause. Finally, it was over and everyone filed off the field.
She craned about , trying to spot Britta in the crowd. Just when she was about to give up, she saw her best friend near the exit. She hurried toward her and stopped. They stared at each other for a long moment. Laylah took a deep breath and let it out slowly before peaking. “Hi, Britta.”
“Hello, Laylah.”
She flinched at the coldness in her friend's tone. She deserved it. “I wanted to talk to you and...,”
“I don't want to talk with you. You see, I realized something. True friends don't behave the way you did. They don't let something small rip them apart. But that's what you did. I'm sorry that you didn't know he was Were. I thought you knew. You really hurt my feelings and then refusing to take my calls was rude. So, you know what? I'm moving on. I don't have time for someone who is willing to throw everything away for no reason. That's not the kind of friend I want or need.”
“Britta, I'm sorry! I was so confused and everything was being dumped on me at once. It wasn't right, I know that. I was hurt because I felt betrayed. It seemed like I was the butt of this big joke that everyone else was in on except me.”
Britta shook her head. “You and I being best friends wasn't a joke. But, whatever. You're going to be a married woman soon and I have University to go to. I wish you a good life, Laylah.”
“Britta! Wait!” Laylah reached for her but her friend walked away. She couldn't believe it. A painful ache filled her heart then and she swooned.
“Laylah! It's all right, I'm here.”
She felt Jacques' arms wrap around her and he pulled her close as he walked her back to the limo. She didn't know when the tears began tof all. Not that it mattered. She had now lost everything and the carefully laid trap planted by her father had completely engulfed her.

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