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My top 10 Heroes & Heronies of YA by Kia Garriques
My name is Kia Garriques, author of Innovera Yakov: The Journey of A Thousand Eyes; the first installment in an action-packed fantasy drama where characters with powers of healing and destruction live, love, compete and disappear without a trace while they are being prepared for The Journey. Innovera Yakov is a faraway planet in a faraway universe: under five moons and two brilliant suns that never set. At the very edges of Innovera Yakov there is always the terrifying watery darkness of Verheer. We meet Ayana, the outsider, forever searching for herself and the truth of their world; Vinton, her protector. Gamma and Blu Tara are beautiful, fiery twins who can kill with one look. Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes explores the desire for acceptance, the need to belong, the importance of self-belief, the danger of secrets, the pain of betrayal and the power of love. 

I believe that reading YA will transport you to magical world that is beyond the cusp of your dreams. You can meet inspirational heroines who must battle against evil and their insecurities for the greater good. Attractive heroes can also pop up on the page who you wish you could date for real!

Here is my list of the top 10 heroes and heroines of YA
- Dimitri Belikov (The Vampire Academy series)
It is every girl’s dream to meet a man who is dedicated, loyal and a great warrior who can saves you from danger and evil. In this novel, written by Richelle Mead, Dimitri helps train Rose so that she can fight for and protect her people. With two attractive people working so closely together, something was bound to happen. This is a wonderful read for those who love the gradual chemistry that changes lives forever
- Cate Cahill (Born Wicked)
When reading this book, I realised that Cate, the main character is not wicked at all but is to be respected for her ability to put others before herself. She is an ideal heroine as she constantly seeks to protect her younger sisters, even to the point where she sacrifices herself for one of them. Her story is one of mental resilience which is a very important life skill that we should all work on.
- Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments Series)
I love this golden-haired bad boy from the above series. When reading the book, you know you shouldn’t like him at all as he will only end up breaking your heart. But the author, Cassandra Clare, crafts his personality so well that it is almost impossible to give into his wishes.
- Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Many people might think, ‘Why is she in this list?’ Firstly, forget that the beautiful Emma Watson played her character in the film and go back to the book. Notice that Hermione is never described as pretty or popular. Yet, she always manages to be praised by her peers for her imagination and loyalty. So, I feel that Hermione is a real heroine as she inspires girls to just be themselves.
- Prince Ash (Iron Fey series)
Here we meet another handsome, bad boy who has shut off his emotions. But, he’s different as it seems that he can be changed by that one special girl. He is a hero because he gives up his life and all he knows to protect a half-faerie girl.
- Eona (Eon and Eona)
Eona is an Asian protagonist which is something which is very rare in a YA novel. She is a great role model as she has to fight for what she wants and believes in. And it is this constant fighting that allows her to save her people from destruction.
- Sam Roth (Shiver)
Sam is a werewolf who only manages to stay human during the summer. Once winter comes, he goes back to being someone who craves blood and a good fight. But when he meets Grace he wants to change for her and even tries to do the impossible – he tries to remain human in the winter. Sigh...the guy of my dreams!
- Tris Pryor (Divergent)
Tris is a girl who lives in a dystopian world but unlike other typical dystopian characters, she is crafted in a very realistic way. She is a heroine as we can all relate to her. We understand the troubles that she faces and admire her for her bravery and gumption in moving forward with her life.
- Will Rutledge (Firelight)
Will is a great guy who is willing to go against his family beliefs for the love of a supernatural girl. Jacinda is a dragon, someone who Will is destined to kill. Yet, he falls in love with her and swears to protect her identity from those who can harm her.
- Alanna of Trebond (Song of Lioness series)
It is truly admirable that Alanna becomes the first female knight to protect her country in this novel as she never grew up with any female role models. As well as choosing great role models while growing up, Alanna is also shown as someone who is proud to be a woman and all she can do. Sometimes, this confidence is not present in the girls of today and Alanna is the perfect fictional heroine to instil this trait in them.
Okay so there you have it, my top ten list! If you love this list be sure to check out my book Innovera Yakov on amazon at: Click here for UK readers or here if you are from the USA or elsewhere. Innovera Yakov- The journey of a thousand eyes is the first in the series; stick with me because there are lots more to come and you don’t want to miss the second book in the series.

Innovera Yakov: The Journey of A Thousand EyesInnovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes

Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes takes you into a world of excitement and danger where thoughts and feelings are overheard and minds can travel to other worlds. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a world where falling in love could cost you your life and nothing is as it seems. Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes is the first book in an action-packed fantasy drama series where characters with powers of healing and destruction live, love, compete and disappear without a trace while they are being prepared for the Journey.

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Author Kia Garriques
Kia Garriques studied writing and English literature at University and has been a published short story writer since 2009. Her first story “The Invisible Alien Watcher” was published by Micro Horror in 2009 and reprinted by Pill Hill Press in 2011. Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes – is her first novel in the ‘Worlds’ series.

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  1. Oooh. Fantastic list!! Dimitri, Jace and Ash will go down as three of the best ever male leads, and heroes and Tris....well, she certainly gave Katniss a run for her money, didn't she ;)