Review: The Abominators by J.L Smith (5* review) - Childrens book!

The Abominators
Book: The Abominators
Author: J.L.Smith
Illustrated by: Sam Hearn
Pages: 131
Series: 1st book in the Abominators Series
Recieved for review via Little Brown Kids
Age: 7+
5* Review

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The Abominators was such a fun read. Mucker, Boogster, Cheesy and Bob are the Abominators. Four very naughty children in year 5, who attend Grimely East Primary School. They get up to alot of mischievous , putting worms in the drinking fountain or putting stink bombs in the school during parents evening. All in all causing alot of trouble!

A new boy arrives at school called Cecil Trumpington-Potts, a boy that is very different from the Abominators. He speaks funny, dresses funny and says the strangest things but he wants to be in the gang and The Abominators set him three tasks which result in alot of funny moments!

The Abominators made me laugh out loud. It's a great book for children 7 and up. (I think it would appeal more towards young boys than girls though.) Cecil is such a funny character! When he is doing the tasks they are like missions he undertakes and puts his all into them in the funniest ways. Even though The Abominators is a fun, crazy read with adventure for kids there is also a message. Cecil had everything he wanted but all he really wanted was friends. It shows you, you may have everything you want but in the end maybe its not everything if its just you and your panty wanty woos for company!

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