Author Interview: Andrea Baker & #Giveaway

The Author: Andrea Baker

I’m pretty ordinary really – daughter, sister, wife and mother to a little girl. I work full time, now running my own Interim Management company. We live in Warwickshire, England, just a few miles from Kenilworth Castle, the location for my book.


I’ve made up stories for as long as I can remember – playing games with my favourite characters as a child before I was old enough to write them down properly. I stopped myself making up these stories when I graduated from University though, as I believed at the time that it wasn’t something “grown=ups” should do. Now I know better…

The Book: Worlds Apart – Leah

Leah knows that her mother died in a car accident when Leah was small and that her father, who used to be the gentlest dad in the world, has become increasingly controlling and occasionally violent. She also knows that her recurring dreams are telling her something more about how and why her mother died, and why her dad turned nasty, but they are becoming progressively more disturbing and confusing. When Leah meets Ben, she is excited to have a friend she can confide in and have fun with, but is he what he seems? The voice of Leah’s mother repeatedly tells her to rely on her instincts, but when Leah is run over in a freak accident and Ben’s family take over her welfare, are they protecting her or using her? And why would anyone, good or evil, bother with an ordinary girl just about to go to university?

Can you describe your protangnist Leah in less than 140 characters?

Probably not, she’s more complex than that, but here goes..

Nineteen and about to start University, she is shy, unsure about herself and her life, confused and frightened by what is happening to her.

How’s that?

If you could encourage anyone to pick up Worlds Apart – Leah what would you say?

A fantastic journey in a wonderful location with a young girl that is as normal as we are – or is she? 


Bookie Questions:

Favourite genre and why?
Paranormal – I love anything that is “edge of reality” – not real, but close enough that you can fall for it for the first few pages, then your imagination gets to fly.

Favourite YA author and why?

Will Macmillan Jones – The Banned Underground Series – a hilarious romp with a rock and roll band of trolls and bog elves, and a witch named Grizelda.

Debut author/ upcoming author we should check out?

Katrina Ann Jack – The Silver Flute Trilogy. A fantastic rampage through an urban jungle, catch your breath if you dare!
But check out a lot of my favourites at!

Favourite 2012 read and why?

Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier, I read the first book in her series the year before, and loved it. I had withdrawal symptoms waiting for Promises, and can now honestly say I suffer from CATTS – Chronic Addiction to the Timeless Series!

A book series you love and why?

The Timeless Series by Lisa L Wiedmeier

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  1. I love a good story where the character decide the fate of the world between good and evil. This book definitely fits the genre I also read.

  2. Well, I'm intrigued. Dying to find out what's happening here.

  3. This sounds like a very interesting book filled with lots of secrets!!

  4. Well, I'm intrigued. Dying to find out what's happening here.