Interview: Alicia Sheehy author of Wingsong

The Author: Alicia Sheehy

I grew up surrounded by books that invited me into enticing adventures that have changed my life forever. With my husband and five children, I love to explore, create, learn and play, especially in my home state of Idaho. My love of stories prompted me to spin tales of fantasy for young adult readers.
My writing addiction began with reading. I learned to love escaping into stories. I was really shy, reading gave me permission to go on some fantastic adventures and strive to become strong and determined like the protagonists. Soon everywhere I looked I saw stories. In order to catch them, I became a hunter, pulling them into my net of words.
The Book: Wingsong
 When her parents mysteriously disappear, fear saturates Lissy’s world. An overprotective, but loving grandma assumes the role of vigilant guardian until her death.
Her cruel uncle abandons safety efforts exposing her to deepening dangers. Dark forces, including the sudden appearance of a menacing stranger, relentlessly move against her.
In an astonishing turn, gloom and treachery are pierced with a shining new hope. Lissy discovers she can converse with the birds and ride the wind. Unleashing these abilities summon new mysterious strangers who profess to be helping Lissy. Are these new people friends or enemies? Can she escape the persistent evil? Will she be strong enough to confront her fears and find a safe haven in her world?
Wingsong is a YA fantasy, Wingsong is the first in the Danaan Legacy series.
Can you describe your protagonist, Lissy, in less than 140 characters?
Until she escapes into the sky from her bleak and oppressive world, Lissy is a shadow of who she once was and who she might become.
If you could encourage anyone to pick up Wingsong what would you say?
Wingsong's main character, Lissy, struggles, as so many of us do, to find even a glimmering of hope when despair seems to have conquered. In surviving bullying, abuse and the constant threat of danger, she feels like she has become little more than a shadow. Like for Lissy, life can be devastating in so many ways. Fortunately she discovers she can fly with the birds, which soon brings into her life quirky characters, Spriggly, Willow, Spider, Cowboy and Judge Daisy, with their array of unusual abilities. Hopefully this exciting adventure will do more than entertain, it will help inspire us to forge through the rough times and strive for better than just a glimering of hope for ourselves and others
Bookie Questions:
Favourite genre and why?
Ultimately I love imagination and the fantasy genre gives more room to break a few rules, but I love action, mystery and history as well.
Favourite YA author and why?
I have such a difficult time choosing between Shannon Hale and Gail Carson Levine. I love the worlds they create and the interesting journeys of their protagonists.
An author we should check out? 
Devri Walls is a YA fantasy author with her The Solus Series (Wings of Arian, Wings of Tavea, and Wings of Nestor). I not only enjoy her fantasy world and creatures as well as her character interaction, but she is a fantastic person.
Favourite 2013 read and why?
So far, Janitors by Tyler Whitesides. It’s a middle grade fantasy that is just a riot of crazy characters and adventure.
A book series you love and why?
I will always adore the world that the Anne of Green Gables series drew me into as a child. Anne invited me into the heady realm of imagination, and I haven’t looked back since.
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