SSP Anthology Extravanganza: Southern Haunts: Spirits that walk among us -Review & #Giveaway

Book: Southern Haunts: Spirits that walk among us (Anthology)

Edited by: Alexander S.Brown & J.L. Mulvihill
Pages: 304
Publishers: Seventh Star Press
Note: Received via Stephen Zimmer via Seventh Star Press for honest review. I was not paid to review the book!

When I received Southern Haunts: Spirits that walk among us I only knew a few things about it. I knew if was an anthology of short stories all based in Southern states in the US, all with paranormal aspects. I was excited to read it as I love Southern Gothic novels. However I have to admit I was disappointed with some of the stories but with is being an anthology I did expect to like some stories more that others :)

One of the things I liked about the book was of course not only the stories but the art work. The cover art is creepy yet beautiful and at the start of each story is a piece of artwork that to me gives the reader a clue to what each story may be about which I loved. (Artwork by Robert K)

To get my overall book rate I rated each story out of 5*'s and then decided on my final rating of 3.5. (I did debate whether to go with 4* but decided 3.5* fitted my overall thoughts on the book)

Here are my thoughts on each short story:

Interview for a ghost hunter by Windsong Levitch- For an opening story of the anthology I was disappointed. The story was a funny paranormal story but I just couldn't get into it. The writing style didn't pull me into the story and I wasn't sure what the rest of the anthology was going to be like from there but I am happy to say the next story was GREAT! An Eclipse over Elmwood by H.David Blalock was one of my favourite shorts. I really wanted to hear more of this story. A lunar eclipse causing strange going on's in a Memphis Cemetery leading to ghosts who died of Yellow Fever in the epidemics of the 1800's to appear, what more could you ask for :)

Sidney's Cotton by Richard Parks was another short I liked. Parks writing really had me there in the cellar of the industrial building in the old warehouse district of Jackson seeing ghosts from the Civil War era.

Ghost Road by Jason Hughes gave me chills. A deserted mile long road in Texas with creepy things happening who wouldn't get the chills. I am glad I was reading this story during the day!

The next four stories I wasn't keen on. Cals Cutoff by Henrik R. Raymer was OK it just didn't grip me like some of the other stories. The Shack by Diane Ward and Haints by Roland Mann just weren't for me. The Shack creeped me out and not in a good its good to feel creepy way. Haints just didn't appeal to me but I do get that this story would appeal to others. You will come to your demise by L.S. Nadler was a sweet story in a way I did like it but it wasn't one of my favourites.

Hells Gate by M.R. Williamson was a story that really interested me. I felt that it could be the start of a longer story that I would really interested to read. From the title you can probably guess it's regarding a gate leading to hell!

Maddness by William R.Eakin wasn't for me. Ghost children and hauntings along with murder are not for me (I really don't like ghost children they kinda scare me they are just too creepy! LOL)

Wellspring by Roman Merry is a story that interested me and I think there is alot of places it could go if the author wanted to take it somewhere. Who is the ghost down the well? What really happened to them? I want to know this story.

The next four stories I LOVED. The Bequest by Kalila Smith I loved alot! :) A mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans that is hunted, that makes the tenants think they are crazy from whisperings! I want a full length novel of The Bequest (waves at Kalila Smith :) ).

The Cleansing by Miguel L.Viscarra was great. The writing made me feel like I was there with the characters, that I was feeling what the protagonist was feeling. I felt like I was in the haunted penitentiary of New Mexico!

Bath 10 by J.L. Mulvihill was also a great story. The hot springs of Arkansas is the setting for the story and a creature that need sacrifice. The last sentence of the story gave me chills!

Nightmares at mocassion bend by Angela Lucius was story that I loved, about an asylum in Mississippi and the wrong doings done to the patients. The story was sad rather that creepy like alot of the other stories. The final sentences where heartbreaking.

The final story The top floor by Alexander S. Brown was a good story. A creepy hospital in a the basement is the perfect setting for a ghost story surrounded by death and decay.

Overall I really enjoyed the majority of the stories. They where creepy and spine tingling to read. There are definitely some authors I will be checking out more of their works including H.David Blalock, M.R. Williamson, J.L. Mulvihill, Angela Lucus and Miguel L. Viscarra! If you like stories that are set in southern states set in the US, stories that have ghosts and unexplained happenings in them, Southern Haunts: Spirits that walk among us is the book for you!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and review. I hope you find other Seventh Star Press anthologies worthy of notice, too. If you do decide to follow my work in future, I look forward to your thoughts on them as well.

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