Review: Double Click by Lisa Becker ( A perfect summer read)

Double Click*Note: Adult book*

Book: Double Click
Author: Lisa Becker
Sequel to Click: An Online Love Story
Pages: 303
Received for honest review via author, Lisa Becker

5* review

I loved Click: An online love story (check out my 5* review here ) so was excited to read the sequel, Double Click, and I wasn't disappointed! I couldn't put Double Click down and read it within a few hours.

I love books that are written in diary entries, letters and emails etc, they are so quick to read and your glimpsing into someones private thoughts which is fun to do! Double Click is written in emails between five friends, Renee, Shelly, Ashley, Mark and Ethan and visits them six months after Click: An online love story ended. The emails between the friends spans over eight months and are fun to read from Ashley's dramas to Shelly's sex antics.

Shelly is still her usual funny and rude self however you can feel her character maturing, even just a little! :) Shelly has a secret in Double Click and Lisa Becker had me guessing what it was right along with Renee and Co.

Mark finally finds love with quirky Cassidy and she brings a whole lot of fun with her obsession with cats and bubbly personality. Shelly's emails about Cassidy are funny and made me laugh out loud numerous times.

Ashely goes thought alot of changes in Double Click, a marriage and a baby! One thing I love about Double Click is even though its a funny, fun read its about real life as well. You can have fun with your friends but your a real friend if your there for the person though highs and lows and in Double Click it touches a little on post natal depression and other health issues.

Renee and Ethan are still happily loved up. I love Ethan he's such a great guy and when Renee goes on a road trip the care package he makes her is so sweet.

Overall I really liked Double Click. It was a fun, quick read with great characters. and I couldnt put it down! A perfect summer read!

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