Review: Last Chance Angel by Alex Gutteridge

Last Chance AngelBook: Last Chance Angel
Author: Alex Gutteridge
Pages: 367
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Recieved ARC via Templar Publishing for an honest review

4* Review

Last Chance Angel is a beautiful story of friendship, family and last chances. Fifteen year old protangnist, Jess is involved in a road traffic accident and finds her way to the gates of heaven before her destined death date. An angel of Death called Darren makes a deal with her. He gives her a few days left on earth, invisible to say her goodbyes to family and friends before she must return to the gates of heaven.

Jess is a relatable teenage protangnist. She has a great group of friends, she hates maths (don't we all ) and is in love with her brothers best friend. But everything is not all sweetness and light in Jess's life which I liked as it made her more real, she is also dealing with family problems with alot of anger toward her father who had an affair. Thoughout Last Chance Angel I was rooting for Jess to find some way to escape death!

Jess's journey to say goodbye to her friends and family is an emotional one where discoveries are made that changes her view on the lifes she thought her friends and family where lending. Natasha, Sara, Kelly and Yasmin are Jess's best friends and are a close group but by visiting each of them, Jess discovers secrets and betrayals.

Natasha has an eating disorder that Jess and her friends tried to sweep under the carpet and when Jess see's the extent of it she feels gulity she didn't try harder to get Natasha help.

Kelly looks after her brothers and dad since her mother walked out on them and Jess see's the hard work she is putting in and feels guilty for not helping more. Jess also discovers something she never expected while visiting Kelly.

Yasmin is a wonderful artist and Jess see's the amount of pressure Yasmin's father is putting on her to become a doctor and get good grades instead of following her dreams. And finally with Sara, Jess discovers the ultimate betrayal that has her questioning her years of friendship with Sara. I liked seeing Jess on this jorney of discovery and questioning the world around her, her perspective of the lives of her friends does a 360!

Overall I really liked Last Chance Angel. The concept of the story was interesting and it felt real and relatable. Last Chance Angel had a message- to love your family and friends, forgive and live in the here and now as you only have one life!

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