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Today I have a review of Links by Lisa Becker a second chance romance. Grab a iced lemonade and check out Links!

About Links:

In high school, Charlotte Windham was a typical student going through an awkward phase -- glasses and all. She harbored a crush on Garrett Stephens, the teen heartthrob everyone can’t help but fall for during that unfortunate ugly duckling phase of one’s teen years. Flash forward fifteen years later, and Charlotte and Garrett have a second chance encounter at a Los Angeles restaurant. However, this time around, Charlotte has leveled the playing field. She’s a bestselling novelist and no longer “Glasses,” the humiliating nickname Garrett called her in high school. In short, she’s a catch now and, thanks to corrective eye surgery, it’s not just her eyes that see better…so does her heart! Garrett hasn’t fared poorly either, transforming from teen heartbreaker to adult lothario. A now successful professional golfer, he’s recently suffered a major setback in the form of a possible career-ending injury. With the upper hand, can Charlotte forgive Garrett for his past ways, and for his more recent Don Juan lifestyle? Will she even want to? And, can Garrett change his ways for a second chance with Charlotte, who may just be the perfect fit for him?

Links was a quick and enjoyable, contemporary romance to binge while lying on the beach or by the pool.

Our leading lady is Charlotte a geek in high school, turned best selling author and still geek at heart. Our leading man is Garrett who was the high school heart throb who went from girl to girl who is now a pro golfer and still seems to go from girl to girl. Charlotte fell in love with him years ago but after a chance meeting 15 years later, does Charlotte still have those feelings for him, is Garrett really a ladies man, what will happen between these pair, you will need to pick up Links to find out.

Links is told in duel POV and I enjoyed seeing both the leads POV's. Charlotte as a leading lady really reminded me of myself. She is successful in her own right but when it comes to relationships, she has doubts and self esteem issues. She likes to put on fronts for people and doubts her own worth sometimes when it comes to guys. 

Garrett was great, even though it was a short read he grow as a character. He showed that maybe people can change and to not judge people on their pasts. 

Now I usually dont like "sports romance books" but Garrett being a pro golfer is just a part of him and I enjoyed the golfing aspect it wasn't in your face and you could really see his passion for the sport.

Overall Links made me smile, laugh, swoon and unltimelty I had a good time reading it. It is a light hearted read that deals with a real life scenarios woven throughout making you feel connected to the story.  Pick up your copy if Links today. 3 stars!

Thank you to author Lisa Becker for an e-arc for hoenst

About Lisa Becker

Lisa Becker is a romance writer whose previous novels include Click: An Online Love StoryDouble Click and Right Click. The books, about a young woman's search for love online in Los Angeles, have been called, “a fast read that will keep you entertained,” “a fun, quick read for fans of Sex and the City,” and “hard to put down.” The first in the series was optioned for a major motion picture.

Lisa’s writings about online dating have been featured in Cupid’s Pulse, GalTime.com, Single Edition, The Perfect Soulmate, Chick Lit Central and numerous other book blogs and websites.

As Lisa's grandmother used to say, "For every chair, there's a rush." Lisa is now happily married to a man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for anyone!

Website / Facebook / Youtube / Twitter: @lisawbecker / Instagram: lisawbecker

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