Take a look at my bookshelves!

So over the last few days I arranged my book shelves and I thought I would show you them though the medium of photos! I could have done a book shelf tour (I might in the future) but at the minute its too much like hard work. So here is some info about my bookcases

*They are from IKEA, I got them for £20 each, I own two.

*I still live at home and have a tiny box room, so that is all the shelves I can fit in.

*The books shown are just the tip of the iceberg, I have stacks of books and many boxes of books.

*The organisation of the books make sense to me!

*I love trinkets so my shelves are full of them!

So without further ado here is my bookcases!

Here is a closer look at the shelves and some reasons for the organisation of them!

I needed to save on space so the top of the shelves are used for storing books. On the top left I have my collect of Sookie Stackhouse books. I own all 13 in the series but I do collect many editions of them as you can see from my stacks!

I have a Peter Pan shelf on the top right as I adore Peter Pan. I really want a Peter Pan inspired tattoo but am too scared. I own two beautiful editions so far and plan to get more. My dad and his partner got me the Peter Pan statue for Christmas and my sister got me the framed quote!

The first shelf holds some of my favourite books. First of being the All Souls Trilogy which is my favourite trilogy ever! I am collecting it in UK hardback & paperback then will move on to other countries I need them all. I also have some other trilogies I love, the Angel Trilogy by LA Weatherly & the Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy. And also a few of my fave standalones. As you can see the trinkets start right away. I love owls and elephants heist the ornaments. I also have quite a few book marks if you want to see them let me know!

Next is my Harry Potter shelf! I have UK editions in a mix of paperback & hardback with the original covers. I then have the new UK paperbacks of the series. I of course have the Cursed Child and the Philosophers Stone in the illustrated edition. I have many little trinkets. I love the little bobble creatures they aren't from Harry Potter but they just have the Harry Potter vibe.

This is one of my newer shelves and the lighting went terrible when taking this photo so excuse that . But this is my Jodi Ellen Malpas shelf. I adore Jodi's books and have read all her books published to date. I highly recommenced her books if you love angst, adult romances, stories with twists and turns and some hot sex thrown in.

This is one of my fave shelves it has all my new adult/adult romances and I love all these books series. I highly recommend them all. I currently have a thing for catcus' thus the four little ones. They are all fake, and three are actually erasers! The candles are supposed to represent some stones from the Giants Causeway a famous tourist attraction in my home country of Northern Ireland.

This is one of my two TBR shelves. These are books I want to get to soon, or at least in the next year or two. See any I need to push up the list?

This is my other TBR shelf and it also has some old ARCS I haven't got to but really need to.

This is some more of my fave series, including the Vampire Academy & Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. I also of course have Twilight there. Fun Fact, the two stones are from La Push in Forks kindly sent to me by an author friend a few years back. I also collect badges and that little jar has mostly book related badges and some fandom ones. 

These shelves also have some of my fave series and standalones. See any you love?

 This is my Cassie Clare shelf. I haven't read all the books she has published but I own all of them. Did I mention I like owls? Oh and yankee candles!

 My last shelf has some youtuber books and merch as well as some older books I enjoyed.

What did you think of my shelves? Leave me your thoughts below!


  1. Love your shelves! Especially all the Peter Pan stuff. And the owls! <3

  2. Thank you for showing us your shelves! There's a lot of "you" on those shelves, and I love it! :)

  3. Loving your shelves. I'm building myself up to that level. Slowly but surely. :) ~Aleen