Books I would make required reading

It's that time of year where autumn is coming, school is starting back and that means homework and required reading lists. Frankly I mostly hated required reading so I came up with a list of my own that I think young children up to young adults should be made to read and why not throw some required reading for adults in. Basically this post is me telling you some of my faves you need to read!

First up some books for the young ones. I work with babies up to 3 years and I love story time. But this book can be read with kids a little older, maybe they can even read it to you. So top of my list is:

Shark In The Park by Nick Sharratt - I love this book, every child I read it to loves it. And as I read it so much I don't even need to read the words I can read it by heart. I swear even I love this book as as adult. It is just so fun and the kids love joining in, it is such a fun interactive book.

For older children a classic that I loved. I am cheating a little as I have watched many of the TV and movie adaptations but haven't read the books, but I do own them and will read them some day. The Borrowers by Mary NortonI loved the borrowers BBC TV adaption when I was younger so much. It is so fun! And would just make a fun book to read and talk about.

For the middle grade readers (or anyone of any age, who can read) Harry Potter. Yeah I know, I know my little brother (he's 25) read this in primary school when he was like 8 or 9 with his teacher, so not sure if its officially required reading but come on, Harry Potter, make it happen!

So we can't forget about our young adults. I wanted to read urban fantasy books in high school, not Austen or Shakespeare! Please I wanted to read about sparkling vampires and guys and girls with magical abilities! So if I was in charge you could pick any genre you want to read and write a paper on it. You can get all thoughtful about the possible meaning of the books but I would want to read Twilight and write about how "Why are sparkling vampires and hot werewolf guys not real!"

Now for our adults, you have left school and college but as the creator of this world (I meant this post. I require you to read the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness This trilogy is my precious little baby. I love it so much its being made into a TV show am scared, excited, nervous but I am also on a campaign to make every one read it. So pick it up, please!

So if you could make any books required reading, what would they be? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Of course the All Souls Trilogy is on the list! ;) I would also put Twilight on required reading lists for young adults because they would actually enjoy the book instead of classics. Not that there's anything wrong with classics but I know I wasn't into those when I was that age. :P

  2. YES I adore All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and Harry Potter! I loved the Borrowers too. Hmm, I am not sure but I do still think the classics are relevant but would also like to see some diversity.

    1. I definitely think the classics are still relevant and more diversity would be great.