Best Adult Books of 2017

Today's topic is Best ... of 2017. Where we can fill in the blank with our own topic. I have chosen to pick my Top Ten Best Adult Reads of the year. This year I read mostly adult books and I loved so many of them, most of them being contemporary romance books. If I put the book on my best of 2017 list it won't be on here. You can check out my top ten best of 2017 reads here So without further ado here is my top ten best adult books of 2017 in no particular order.

The Way You Bite is an sexy new adult urban fantasy romance that I really enjoyed. It has vampires and werewolves, a sexy romance, great side characters and a good storyline.

The Wright Mistake is the third book in a companion series by KA Linde. I read all three books in the series this year and enjoyed them all but in particular The Wright Mistake. I was really looking forward to Austin Wrights story and I wasn't disappointed. This story was fun and entertaining but also serious which was a good combination. KA Linde easily melded the themes of addiction, romance, love, sacrifice and redemption into two characters story that I really liked. I highly recommend this whole series.

3) Review: Risky Redemption by Marissa Garner

Risky Redemption is an adult romantic thriller that really surprised me. The story and characters really had me intrigued and the story keep me on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed the thriller aspect and I can't wait for more in this series. 

4) Review: A Pinch Of Salt by Bethany Lopez

A Pinch Of Salt is the first book in the Three Sisters Catering series and it was just the cutest story. I loved the relationship between the main love interests. The story was simple and had just a little complication but it just suited the characters and the feel of the story. I enjoyed meeting Millie's sisters and am looking forward to their stories in the next books.

5) Review: All Or Nothing At All by Jennifer Probst

All or Nothing At All is the final book in the Billionaire brothers companion trilogy and it was my favourite of the trilogy. I enjoyed the story, I liked the characters and I just loved Jennifer's writing.

6) Review: The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I have read and loved all Jodi's books. The Forbidden is Jodi's latest novel and I really liked it. I really connected with the characters and really enjoyed the forbidden concept of the story. I highly recommend The Forbidden and all Jodi's books. 

Perilous Trust is the first in the Off The Grid series. It was an action packed romantic suspense story that from page one you where bang into the action. I really liked the characters, the story and the writing and can't wait for more in the series.

Lost and found sisters is the first book in the Wildstone series and was a great summer adult contemporary. It was sweet summer story about sisters, letting go and finding yourself in a fun quirky town.

Another JEM book has made the list. The Protector was Jodi's 2016 release and at the time for some werid reason I couldn't get into it. However I gave it another go this year and really, really liked it. It had a streamy romance and twists and turns that kept me hooked!

The foxe and the hound is a quick fun rom com that I recommend you check out.

What has been on of your favourite reads of the year?

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  1. Love your list! I haven’t read any of them yet but a bunch are on my TBR so I’m glad to hear you loved them!

  2. I read mostly adult books too this year. :D

  3. I haven't read any of these, so bummed out :(

  4. I haven't read any of these but I do love adult books, so thanks for sharing your top ones!


  5. I read All Or Nothing At All by Jennifer Probst this year and it was good. Not one of my faves by her, though. But she is an amazing writer!

  6. Another great list. I loved All or Nothing at All. I have books from Malpas and Shalvis I need to get to this year.

  7. I looooooooved The Protector! I completely forgot about that book, whoops. :O I really enjoy the bodyguard/damsel trope. ;) Wonderful list!

    Happy New Year. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!