Top Ten Best Books I have read in 2017

Top 10 of 2017 is hosted by Rachel of Fiktshun

It is that time of year again, our top ten bests of the year and I am excited to share my favourites with you. This year I moved away from YA and read a ton of adult books, you can check out ten of my favourites here Today is the top ten best books I have read this year which is a mix of both YA and Adult. Lets go! These are in know particular order!

Even though I did say this was in no particular order, Inferno book two of the Blood For Blood Trilogy by Catherine Doyle is my favourite book of the year. It is the only book I gave a 5 star to in 2017 and its my only 5 star in over a year. I re read the first book in the trilogy this year, then read the final two books and I loved it so much especially Inferno. Its an upper YA that doesn't shy away from dark themes. It's Romano and Juliet meets the Sopranos and I haven't had a book shock me in a long time. I highly recommend this series so much!!! 

So I kinda lied this is my second favourite book of the year. I adored this book so, so much, it was so close to getting 5 stars and making my top pick. Royal Affair is a adult contemporary romance and it is just so good! It's such a sexy romance with a swoonworthy male lead but it also has depth and a nice plot. Highly, highly recommend!

This was one of my first reads of the year and it is still a book I think about. It's an adult contemporary romance that I really enjoyed giving it 4.5 stars. It is just the perfect rom-com book and it gave me all the feels. It was fast paced and addictive and I loved the romance. 

Alex Approximately is one of the thirteen YA books I read this year and I really enjoyed it so much. It's a YA contemporary romance that deals with real life issues as well and I really enjoyed it thus it made my list!

Most Of All You is a book that really surprised me. It's a emotionally heart breaking adult contemporary romance. The writing was stunning. The characters where we'll developed and the romance was beautiful. It deals with some hard topics but I highly recommend it.

This year I read three of Jodi's book. And I loved them all but All I Am a novella all about a character called Drew from her best selling This Man series just scored a tiny bit above the rest. The This Man series is my favourite of Jodi's and to get a closer look at a character I have always been intrigued by was fantastic.

It Only Happens in the movies was a fantastic upper YA book that I really enjoyed. The main protagonist is A+, the concept of the story was fantastic and I just cant recommend it highly enough.

Stubborn As A Mule is the second book in The Sex and Sweet Tea series but can be read as a standalone and I absolutely adored this book, it was such a cute, sweet southern romance at its best.

I binge read the Boston Underworld series by A.Zavarelli earlier on in the year and really enjoyed it. This year and well into 2018 I have and will be reading a lot of mafia romance books as I love them so much. Reaper is the second book in the series and it's my favourite. This series is dark and shocking and sometimes just down right wrong but I really like it.

Another Mafia book but one I just read this month. I binge read the series and loved it. It was just so good and sneaked on to my list.

Finally an honourable mention to Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. This is the second book I read this year and I really liked it. It deals with a 14 year old struggling with her mental health and it really stuck a cord with me.

That's it my top ten of 2017. Let some of your favourites of 2017. Come back tomorrow for more favourites of the year.


  1. I've been meaning to read Alex, Approximately for months and still haven't got to it. Seeing it on your best of the year list definitely renews my interest!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  2. Great list! :D I haven't read any of these but I'll have to add them to my wishlist.

  3. I've heard great things about Jennifer Blackwood's books! I've yet to read one, but several (including the one on your list) are on my TBR. Great choices, Megan!

    Happy holidays. =)

    Check out my Top Ten post!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I have Alex, Approx. on my TBR and will have to move it up the list.

  5. Well I just added 5 more books to my list!! Nice books!!

  6. Most of all of you is one I am dying to read. It sounds so good!

  7. Most of these are new to me! I loved Alex, Approximately as well. I went into it expecting a light, breezy read, and I ended getting that and so much more. I loved the romance as well as the bond between the main character and her dad. Catherine Doyle's series looks really interesting! Great picks! :)

  8. This is a great list. I have Alex, Approximately and need to read it soon. I also have some of Malpas' books I need to finally get to.

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