Introducing: YA author Addison Moore (YA Feature #4)

Hey everyone! Let's welcome another new YA author to Reading Away The Days, Addison Moore! *claps hands* Addison is the author of the YA Paranormal Romance series,The Celestra Series!

Without further ado check out my interview with Addison and show her some love by commenting and checking out her books The Celestra Series. 

*Title of Addison's series: The Celestra Series 

*Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

*Title of 1st book in the series: Ethereal

*A short description of Ethereal (Book one in The Celestra Series) 

In the first book we’re introduced to Skyla Messenger who is about to figure out why she can read people’s minds when she touches them. Also, she’s got an entire faction of wayward angels out to kill her. Everyday problems, right? ;)

 *A short description of Tremble (Book two in The Celestra Series) 

In Tremble, Skyla decides the best way to utilize her newfound power of time travel is to try and go back two years and save her dad from dying in a fire. Unfortunately for Skyla things don’t pan out exactly as planned. A new character is introduced in this novel and he stirs the pot nicely.  

Addison's writing journey so far:

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was a preteen I became attached to the library and loved reading all of the young adult books I could get my hands on. Through reading I’ve been able to live two realities, my daily life, and my books adventure. I think in the end my biggest influencers are books.

*Where did you get the idea for the Celestra series?

I had two different novels that weren’t going anywhere. One book was a stand-alone novel about a girl who sees her guardian angel and the other was a series about kids who lived on an island. Eventually I married the two concepts and the Celestra series was born.

*The art work for both the novels in the Celestra series, Ethereal and Tremble, are great! I really love the cover of Tremble. Who did the art work and are you pleased with it?

Thank you, I’m truly humbled. I actually picked out the pictures and my family helped photo shop them. I’m happy with the covers of both books, but if you can believe it, I find it more difficult to pick out covers than write the book itself!

*In the Celestra series it is based around Skyla whose bloodline may be connected to angelic creatures (Angels). How do your angels differ from the typical thoughts of angels, angelic, good, beautiful etc.

In the bible all mentions of angels are male and they have some type of military/messenger role. The twist I decided to take was the fact Skyla and the other angels in my book are Nephilim descendents (once believed to be spawn of human and angels). I like the idea of these two bloodlines mixing.

*Skyla the girl in your series has the unique ability to read minds. If you could read minds. Would you? And whose would you like to read?

LOL! How dangerous, I mean fun would that be? I would love to read my husbands mind once in a while, and perhaps my dog’s on occasion.

*There is going to be another book in the Celestra series. How is work coming along on the third book/ and when will it be released?

Book three is almost ready to go to my freelance editor. It’s coming along nicely and I’m happy to see there are many surprises in this one that I didn’t even see coming.

*Why do you write YA?

I’ve written women’s fiction, middle grades, and literary fiction, but the shoes that fit best are YA. There’s something that resonates with me about that unique time of life that was high school. There is something magical about romanticizing those last few teenage years. And trust me, I’d much rather write about them than relive them.  

*Do you have any advise for aspiring authors?

Yes! I love authors, especially hungry, passionate, ready-to-die-trying authors. I would say, write everyday. Read at least three to four books a month in the genre you want to write in. Don’t fall into the trap of not reading. Reading in your genre will motivate you, inspire you, and teach you the cadence of what a novel in that genre should feel like.

*Why should we read your series?

Toughest. Question. Ever. I would suggest my series to anyone who enjoys getting lost in a world that closely resembles the one we live in and yet resolves to be nothing like it. I like the fact that with paranormal novels in particular you can never guess what’s coming next because the possibilities are limitless. Why Celestra? Because it offers a unique brand of romance, action and humor.

Fianlly some quickfire questions:

*Summer or Winter? SUMMER!

*Night or day? Night

*Fiction or Non-fiction? Fiction please.

*Choclate or ice-cream? Both? OK, Chocolate ice cream

*Favourite place to write? On my bed. Have laptop will travel.

*If you where stuck on a desert island what three items would you bring?

My laptop, my ipad and my ipod. There will be wifi and a charging station, right?

Thanks to Addison for this awesome interview!

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  1. What a great interview ladies! It's exciting to see that we have alot in common. Maybe I will follow in your footsteps one day! God bless you both and thank you.

  2. Fun! Nice to find out more about you, Addison! :)

  3. Hi Megan! It's SO nice to be here! This interview was a lot of fun.

    River - I hope you keep writing if that's your dream!

    Patti - Thank you. It's always nice to do something like this to connect with readers. =)

  4. What a fun interview! I really love the cover of Tremble.

  5. Hi Addison and Megan! Great interview. Love Addison's books. :)

  6. Erica - Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun choosing the cover art for book 3 as well.

    Angela - Thank you! You are always so kind!

  7. Love the series and the way the characters are easy to relate to. I'm kinda confused about the love triangle and how it doesn't seem to be a problem to anyone that skyla is with both guys, and she doesn't seem in a hurry to pick one either, but anyway I love the books and can't wait to find out what happens in book three! Any idea when it will be released?

  8. Thanks for the comment Erin :) I'm not sure when the third book is released as Addison has mentioned it has been sent to the editor. Maybe if you give Addison a tweet or leave a message on her facebook she may be able to tell you :)

  9. Erin, Skyla's predicament sure does pose a challenge in book three! The release is loosely being talked about for July. Thanks for reading!