Review: True Blood: Dead Reckoning by Charlene Harris (Book 11: Sookie Stackhouse Series)

*WARNING* This book is adult and contains issues not suitable for readers under 18 year's old. Please don't read this post if your under 18 year's old.

P.S This review is more of a rant of how much I love The Sookie Stackhouse Series!

Where do I start with this book! First off I LOVE this series of books, I think Charlene Harris is a wonderful, amazing and talented writer. I know I'm sounding WAY over the top but I can't praise this series and it's author enough!

So, I'm a True Blood fan! I loved the first season of True Blood and was encouraged by a friend to read the series. I read the first TEN books this time last year and LOVED them. Dead Reckoning is the 11th books in the series. Now, I have to admit it took me a while to get into this book for some reason, I just couldn't quite get into it but I continued with it as I loved the previous books. Halfway though I got into it and am so glad I stuck with it! There were loads of OMG moments!

*Spoilers: Some of my OMG! moments!*

*First of the "Porch Scene"! For all you True Blood fans you may have heard of the exciting "Shower Scene" between Eric and Sookie in Book 4. Well the "Porch Scene" was supposed to rival that scene but in my opinion I don't think it does but it is a WOW bit i.e. I wish I was Sookie in that scene LOL :)

*BILL!!! I just wish he would get the hint! Sookie loves ERIC, Eric loves SOOKIE, no one loves Bill!!! Seriously I know he loves Sookie but he betrayed her, end of, so move on!! I will get really annoyed if Charlene makes the characters Bill and Sookie get back together. TEAM ERIC all the way!

*The Faeries! I wouldn't trust Claude as far as I could threw him but I love Sookie's Great Uncle. I feel really sorry for him but again, you can't trust these faeries. I'm thinking we will find out what they really want with Sookie in the next book, and I don't think it will be good.

*We have had hints that Sookie's gran wasn't all sweetness and light before but now we finally know what happened between Sookie's gran and Fitan. OMG granny and fairy getting it on LOL! Mr Catailades: WTF where did that come from, he has known Sookie all her life, since she was born!! So mush more to that story which I can't wait to find out about!


*Eric's God damn "marker". He's dead but I wish I could kill him again cause of what he has done. I can't believe he found a mate for Eric. All I can say is Eric needs to find a way out of it! Sookie and Eric 4Ever!!

So this kinda isn't my usual kind of review but I just had to gush about this book and the series. If you haven't read the series I advise you do, there amazing! Also if you love the TV series but haven't read the books do cause in my opinion the books are 1000X better than the TV Series!

Rating: 4/5 Butterflies


  1. Wow. I only dream about getting such a great review.

  2. Great review! I'm a True Blood fan too. I'm team Eric. I really want Sookie to be together with Eric in the end. Eric is truly in love with her and Bill, I don't really like him.
    I love this picture!

  3. I'm a major True Blood fan myself and I've just been itching to get my hands on a copy of this book. I really, really hope to read to read it soon and I really hope to like where this series is headed. Judging from your review, it all sounds pretty good:)

  4. wow! that pic at the end was like WOW!!!
    i watch the serie true blood, and i really want to start to reading this serie.

  5. I am a die hard True Blood fan. I read every book except book 11 Dead Reckoning. I want to read it but I am afraid I may be disappointed. Mrs Harris' books are great but her last few seem almost forced. I have heard mixed reviews on this book. I think I am going to get it though. The porch scene has me intrigued. Great review. BTW I love the Eric pic ;)

  6. I have not read the books yet, but I do like True Blood. I am only part of the way through season 3, I know I am a slacker! I have this book, but I haven't had the chance to read it. After your review, I think it is time to pick it up! Great review!