Review: Click an online love story by Lisa Becker

*Adult read*

Click: An Online Love Story


It was a pleasure to review Click: An Online Love Story by Lisa Becker. Lisa kindly sent me a PDF to review and I loved it. The book is based around Renee who is approaching her 30th birthday and still hasn't found the perfect man. Encouraged by her one of her best friends Mark she joins a dating website. The book is set out in email's between friends Renee and her best friends Shelly, Ashley, Mark and Renee's many online suitors.

The book was so much fun to read, I laughed, I cringed and I cheered along with Renee and her friends. Renee was a great character, a nice, pretty person who just hadn't found Mr right and been hurt before in a relationship, an easy character I think women can relate to. Her friends are just as great. Shelly is such a brilliant character, I loved her, as author Lisa puts it she is "over-sexed" she loves men and she surely gets them. It is funny when Shelly and Renee come up with names for Shelly's many men.

Ashley is Miss Judgmental she judges everyone and when she does the same thing she doesn't seem to think it's wrong, I think everyone knows someone like this in real life. She judges Shelly alot because of the way she is with men but what I love about Shelly is she couldn't give a dam he he. And finally we have anal-compulsive Mark, it's his idea for him and Renee to do web dating but it takes him months to join one as he has to research all the pros and cons of each website then after that each person that messages him, but he is such a nice person and makes up a good dynamic between the four friends.

Overall I loved the book. In my opinion its a fun, light hearted book that left me wanting more.

4/5 Butterflies : A great read!

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  1. Sounds like a fun read! I love books like this, where you get to know the characters through their emails or letters. Enjoyed your review!

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