Review: The Childe by C.A.Kunz

*I was given a signed copy of The Childe for review via Carol & Adam Kunz, the authors of , The Childe, for my honest review*

The Childe is an amazing debut novel from mother & son writing duo, Carol & Adam Kunz (C.A.Kunz). Right from the start The Childe had me gripped, I couldn't put it down. I knew from the first time I read the description of the book that it was a book I would really enjoy!

Cat us your typical high school student with typical teenage issues. However the other slight issue is Cat (unknownly) is slowly mestamorphoing into The Childe. From the start I couldn't work out exactly what a Childe was, which intrigued me even more, I knew it involved vampires but didn't know just how. Was this a new take on the vampire, did everyone turn into a vampire when they turned sweet sixteen, was this C.A.Kunz take on vampires. I was half right but totally wrong on the other hand! LOL

I really enjoyed that even though there is vampires involved they are for most of the book an undercurrent of the story and you really got to know the character's and still had the mystery of what was happening with vampires in the backround.

I really loved all the character's! Cat is a great main character, you can tell that she is a strong individual but is still a little insecure like all teenagers! Her little gang of friends are just great. Amanda is just awesome, she is the loud, confident one of the group and in my opinion I think deep down has a soft spot for Matt. Matt is the only boy of the little gang. He kinda reminds me of a mix of Finn from Glee/ Xander from Buffy. Then there is quiet Elle, she is the nervous, unconfident one of the group but would stick up for her friends any time and finally there is Julie. Julie is Cat's friend who went to the posh high school with her and is now going with her the public school in Astoria. Julie is kind of a mystery to me, she is really protective of Cat, seems older than her years, and seems to know what is happening to Cat.

Of course there is a romanace in the book. I heart Ryan and Cat together, but I see more trouble heading there way. Ryan isn't all that he seems, don't get me wrong he is nice but he isn't lets put it this way, he's not human he he and he finds out in the end what is happening to Cat and says he will protect her at all costs, but I think there will be high costs for this relationship! But I just hope they survive it.

If you are looking for an awesome book, with mystery, fantasy, romance and just and all together awesome book, you must read The Childe. It is one of my favourite books I have read this year! I can't wait for the next book is the series, I really want to read it now! Thank you so much to Carol & Adam for this awesome debut, that will stick with me for ages!

5/5 Butterflies! An Excellant book!

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Megan :)


  1. I've heard so many good reviews about this book! I mean, who doesn't want to read a book that was written by two authors??! And a mother & Son writing duo is a plus! So I guess I'll have to pick this up! :) Thanks for the review!

  2. Great review. I really want to read this book but sadly I can't find a copy of this one. But I'm planning to read this book, by hook or by crook. :)

  3. this book is surely going on my tbr list!mystery, fantasy and romance is my favourite combination in a book!thanks for the review!

  4. It really sounds as if this book has something for everyone !

    I must say I am glad that the vampire aspect is muted as I must confess to getting a bit sated with all the vampire/werewolf novels coming out.

    I will add this to my wishlist.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  5. I love duets in writing. They complete each other. I will definitely try this book.

  6. This sounds like a book that's perfect for me!! I have added to my list of 'to-read', thank you for a fabulous review x

  7. I enjoyed this book. Like you said the mystery and how everything evolves. I really like the premise and the ending was a little bit killer!

  8. I've been seeing this book all over the net but the vampire storyline just don't entice me. But your review make the book sounds good so I'll try to check this one on store.

  9. Great review!
    It's next on my reading list ^_^

  10. Awesome review! And ooh, this is a pretty cover :) Must check out this book! :D
    Love, Carina