Generations 1: Book of Enlightenment Blog Tour: Chapter Excerpt & Giveaway

Generations: Book of Enlightenment (Generations, #1)

"Ellie Solomon has always been sort of a loner. Between her brother (who is the only family she has left) and a few friends (that are more his friends than hers) she lives a boring life. The one person she confides in is her Guardian Angel who visits her dreams. He is her best friend, too bad he's not real. When strange wolves with red eyes begin chasing her one evening, a mysterious boy and his dog saves her, catapulting her into the secret of her parents fate and who she really is. Together, with her new friends she embarks on a journey that leads her to the destiny of her Generation"

Today the Generations Blog Tour stops by Reading Away The Days. Generation: Book of Enlightenment is a new book from author Mia Castile. Here is an excerpt from the book and a giveaway:

This is one of Mia's favorite scenes in the book because "it's both spooky and introduces a main character Ben."  Mia Castile

It opens up as Ellie's finishing her shift at the book store:

I dusted the stacks, swept, mopped the floor, and took out the trash. When the clock struck seven, I was ready to go. “Good night, Sonny. I’ll see ya next Tuesday.” He was in his office and didn’t answer me. I locked the front door and began my three-block walk home. It was brisk for a spring evening. I wrapped my sweater tighter around me and tied the strap. I held on tight to my shoulder purse. My hair was pulled up in a ponytail. I almost wished I’d let it down before I stepped out. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up. It was very quiet to be so early in the evening. There were no cars on the street or people walking on the sidewalks like there usually were at this time of day. I walked a block in silence. Then I heard the patter of feet behind me. I turned to see who was there and I froze. What looked like mangy grey wolves were following me. There were three of them. They must have realized they had scared me because the one in the middle stepped forward. His eyes glowed red. He began to growl, “Grrreeelllliii.” My eyes widened with fear. Did this creature just say my name? I took a step backward but held eye contact with the wolf in the middle. Was there really no one around? He took two steps forward. “Grrreeellliii.” I began to freak out. “Help!” I yelled in my loudest voice. I turned and ran. They snarled, and I heard them chasing me. I could hear the main one growling my name. I ran as fast as I could. If I could make it to where people were, I would be safe. If not, I might have to get a tetanus shot and some stitches, or worse. I didn’t want to think about or worse. I ran. It was a good city block before I heard him. I’ll never forget the relief I felt.  “Hey,” and then I heard one of the wolves yelp in pain, then another yelp. I slowed and turned around. There was a blond-haired boy standing between me and the wolves. He wore jeans and a hunter green letterman jacket. He had a German Shepherd with him. It was growling at the two wolves left. The other one had run away in fear. The boy swung a board wildly. The dog leaped and bit into the neck of one of the wolves. Again I heard a yelp of pain as the wolf struggled to free itself. The boy swung again and hit the second wolf in the leg. It snapped back at the board and jumped on him, but it was too late. He swung again and hit it in the head. That was all it took. The wolves freed themselves and ran away. The boy and his dog ran up to me. He was tall and had strong features. His eyes were crystal blue. It looked like the wolf had scratched him across his cheek. “Hey, sweets. Are you all right?” he asked between his heavy breaths.
“I think so. Were they saying my name?” I looked past him to the direction the wolves had run, still trembling.  “I don’t know what your name is.” He beamed a brilliant white, perfect-teeth smile. I didn’t answer him. I didn’t know if I should answer him. He must have sensed my unease because he added. “I’m Benjamin. You can call me Ben, and this. . .” He put his hand on the head of his dog that stood there with its eyes fixed on me. “This is Boss.”  “I’m Ellie.” “Yeah. They were growling your name.” I smiled a nervous smile at his observation. “Can we walk you someplace safe?” It was dusk now. “I’m just a block up this way.” I pointed in the direction of my apartment. We walked the rest of the way in silence. What could we say? When we reached my apartment building door, I noticed his scratch was bleeding. “You should come up.” He raised his eyebrows and surveyed me. “You’re bleeding. You should come up,” I added nervously as I pointed to his scratch. “Lead the way.” He held his hand toward the door.

Thanks to Mia for the excerpt! Generations 1: Book of Enlightenment is released on October 25th and it will be available, on amazon,, ibooks, and kobo, as well as print!


 Mia is giving away and ecopy and print copy of Generations: Book of Enlightenment as well as 5 sets of bookmark/postcard combos

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