Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Forgotten is a forgettable story from debut author Cat Patrick. From page one I feel in love with Forgotten and I couldn't out it down.


I was intrigued by the concept of Forgotten from the beginning. A girl who could see the future but not remember her past. She may remember the fight she has with her best friend next week but she can't remember what she ate for breakfast the day before.

London Lane is this girl and she gets by with the help of her mum, her best friend Jamie and notes. London has to put alot of trust in her best friend Jamie and her mum to help her. However her best friend is "going of the rails". Jamie is having an affair with her teacher and London can see it ending in disaster, the disaster being her friend and the teacher getting caught and Jamie taking an overdose. How can London stop this from happening. Can she intervene and change the future?

London's "forgetfulness" can also lead to embarrassing moments. Like forgetting your gym things and having to borrow "a bright yellow cat t-shirt that says "Have a purr-fect day!" and to top it of theres a fire drill during that gym class. However a plus is meeting a hot guy who lends you his jacket :)

There isn't much explanation at first to why and how London started forgetting. She wasn't always like that. However as long as London can remember i.e. with her notes and with help from her mum, each day at 4.33AM her brain resets itself and London forgets everything from that day. The problem with not remembering is that London can choose to forget embarrassing situations and boys that lie to her by simply not writing them down so she doesn't remember them. But one of the downsides is that because you can't remember people can also lie to you. And that's exactly what London's mum is doing. Through the book London has a recurring dream and each time she dreams, more details are added. The big shock is this dream is not for the future its from the past (which of  course London can never remember) and opens a whole load of questions and revelations you don't see coming.

There is also a romance in Forgotten, one that I loved. Luke is the new boy in school and London is instantly attracted to him. Soon after a few forgetfulness mishaps they get together. Each kiss is the first for London as she can't remember them, how can her notes explain the feeling of a kiss. Each date is the first. But a big problem is London can't see Luke in her future. Why? And there is a big secret Luke is hiding from her that I didn't see coming.

Overall I really enjoyed Forgotten. It is definitely a one sit read. Forgotten is one of the best books I have read this year. I can't wait for more amazing books from Cat Patrick!

5/5 Butterflies

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  1. Oh I so can't wait to read Forgotten. I've only heard positive things so far! I like how you call it a one sit read:)

  2. Great review, I haven´t read it but sounds interesting, the thing about the memory sounds a lot like a movie of Drew Barrymore.

  3. I read this book and I liked it but I wish it had more drama in the "seeing the future" parts of it.

  4. Interesting premise! It reminds me of "50 First Dates," a movie I actually love... even with awkward Adam Sandler as the male lead. :) Will look for this one!