YA Feature: Introducing YA author Kimberly Kinrade

Hey! This week on Reading Away The Days YA Feature is YA author Kimberly Kinrade. Kimberly is the author of YA paranormal thriller/romance series Forbidden. Welcome Kimberly to Reading Away The Days by checking out her books and leaving her a nice comment!

A little about Kimberly and her writing career so far:

I've had an eclectic career that began when I was a child and ran out of teeth to sell to the Tooth Fairy. I needed a new business plan, so I started writing stories to sell to the neighbors. These were much easier to produce than teeth! I'd love to say I became a best-seller out of grade school, but I had a few more bridges to cross. In college I fell into journalism, and while I still dabbled in creative writing, my non-fiction writing payed the bills.

I became a theater critic and entertainment writer for a large, daily Los Angeles newspaper. It was my mentor and academic advisor, Barry Cavin, who really inspired me in my work and encourage me to go to Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where I studied playwrighting. Still, the world of non-fiction called to me and I worked as a freelance writer, editor and ghostwriter for many years.

When I met my fiance and writing partner, Dmytry Karpov, he reignited my love for stories and inspired me to finish a few books I had set aside. Thus, Forbidden Mind was born, as was my career as a novelist.

Can you tell me about the first book in the Forbidden series, Forbidden Mind?

In Forbidden Mind, Sam reads minds and is one of many kids raised in a secret school devoted to nurturing, and exploiting, the gifts of paranormal children and teens. She has been raised to believe this organization, dubbed Rent-A-Kid by the kids, has her best interest at heart and will free her to live her own life when she turns 18.

However, when she mentally bonds with a young man who controls minds, she starts to uncover dark secrets that destroy her illusions and force her to face the truth about her future, and her past.

Where did you get the idea for the Forbidden series?

Forbidden Mind was born from a dream about a girl with special gifts who spent her life rented out to the rich and powerful as a spy. I took some notes one night and set them aside... for many years. I remembered this story, originally called Rent-A-Kid, while looking for something I could put out while preparing my other books for publication. What started as a short story turned into a trilogy! 

In your novel Sam can read minds and Drake can control minds. If you had to read minds or control minds which would you choose and why?

You know, after living in both their heads, I'm not sure I'd want either 'gift.' Sam really struggles with the ethics of mind control--does anyone really have the right to do that to another?--and even mind reading. She begins to question the morality of her existence and struggles with what comes so naturally to her.

I suppose if I could control it, I'd love to read minds. I mean, how many of us would love to know what someone else is really thinking? But then I think about all the fleeting thoughts I have--some shallow, some unkind, most not really reflections of what I truly think or feel, and I wouldn't want to be judged based on those. Nor would I want want to be privy to others' passing thoughts. I think it make us all less trusting and intimate with each other.

Forbidden Fire the second book in the Forbidden series. Are you excited for the release of the next book?

I'm SO excited. Forbidden Fire is a longer, more complicated book that actually runs two story lines parallel to each other. One from the point of view of Sam and the other from the point of view of Lucy, Sam's best friend who always knows when people are lying.

In Forbidden Fire, some secrets will be revealed that really blew me away when I wrote them (some were a surprise to me!). I hope others are as excited as I am when they read it. But it means taking more time to flesh it out and make sure all the plot lines and characters are woven together well. I'd rather delay the release and make sure it's ready, then rush a story that's almost ready. I hope, in the end, everyone else feels the wait was worth it!

How many books are going to be in the Forbidden series?

This is a trilogy, with Forbidden Life being the last in the series. However, I already have some ideas for a branch-off series down the road. I'm not sure about it yet, but it could be a lot of fun!

Are you currently working on any new projects at the moment?

So many! I have a lower grade chapter book trilogy in the works, called The Three Lost Kids. Each book is based on a world my little girls have created: Lexie World, Bella World and Madelynne World and each include full color illustrations that are going to be amazing. I'm so excited to be working with Josh Evans at Evolved Pub. He's incredible! In these books, young readers will be drawn into a magical world where they'll learn about caring for the earth, sharing and how to handle bullies from unicorns, dragons and fairies!

I also have another trilogy started, The Chronicles of Corinne. This is an Upper YA (or New Adult) series starting with Death by Destiny about a young woman who has been born under two prophesies--one says she'll save the worlds, the other says she'll destroy them. Through her journey into power, she learns about love, betrayal and what it means to choose. This is a series close to my heart and I can't wait to launch it!

Finally, I have a younger YA series planned called The Reluctant Familiar about a young witch, Agnes, who doesn't think she has any powers until she accidentally bonds with an alley cat, who turns about to be a god. When she is thrust into the worlds of gods and goddesses, she must learn to use her powers to discover who has stolen the Ring of Nefertiti before it's too late. 

Why should we read your series Forbidden?

The Forbidden series is a blend of thriller, paranormal suspense and romance. The themes in these books transcend genre and age, forcing readers to consider questions of love (what is it about someone you really love?), how we as humans use each other--or look the other way as others are used, and what it really means to be human. Through it all you get pages of action packed adventure, a heroine that is strong and relatable and a unique love story that captivates you. (I hope!)

As Halloween is just around the cornor. I asked Kimberly some Halloween related questions!

Scariest book you have read and why?

The Pet Sematary by Stephen King. It was so real and so human, the loss of his son, the desperate desire to bring him back. It freaked me out!

Scariest movie you have seen?

That's tough. I don't really get scared by movies, but I think the Paranormal Activity movies come closest. I like when things are presented in a very real, normal way and the terror is subtle, until it's not! I can't wait to see the 3rd one in theaters!  

One thing you where afraid of when you where a child and why?

Ants. I was--and am still--terrified by ants. I know it sounds lame. But I'd rather have spiders, lions, man-eating beasts, anything other than ants. One ant alone doesn't bother me, but when are they ever alone? A single ant is a suicidal ant. They come in droves, or... whatever they're called. They attack as an army and they could eat an entire human being, I'm sure. They are terrifying and unnatural I tell you!!!

If you where/are going to dress up for Halloween what would it be as?

We are all dressing up for Halloween! I'm going as a sexy witch. Dmytry is a very sexy sorcerer. Our kids are going as a goth fairy, dragon and unicorn! (They each match the main fairy tale creatures in their books, totally coincidentally!) I love Halloween!

Thanks to Kimberly for the awesome interview!!

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