Breaking Dawn: Part One- Movie Review!

This time last week my sister, Kerry-Ann, my best friend, Kirsty and myself where looking forward to go to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part One. I thought it was about time I gave you guys my review! Be warned *SPOILERS*

We were all very excited  to see Breaking Dawn. It is my favourite book in the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. It didn't disappoint! What I loved most about the movie is it really stuck close to the book, watch I was thankful for. A big thumbs up to director Bill Condon and script writer Melissa Rosenburg.

The Wedding!

First off I have to let you all know I am Team Jacob, I do like Edward and agree him and Bella should be together but I love Jacob (and Taylor Launter who plays him). I was really looking forward to Edward and Bella's wedding, I am a sucker for romance and weddings. Bella and Edward's wedding was beautiful! Kirsten Stewart looked beautiful in her wedding dress and the setting for the wedding was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful as well. It was awesome to see Stephanie Meyer in the wedding party and Bill Condon as the minster at the beginning of the ceremony.

The Honeymoon!

AMAZING!! This is one of the scenes everyone was really excited to see, and what a great scene it was. I think there was just enough "lovemaking" as it needed but it was good "lovemaking" LOL. When Edward breaks the bed everyone in the cinema got really excited. I have to  say I think Robert Pattinson has put on alot of muscle and was looking GOOD! The rest of the honeymoon was great with Edward doing all he could to distract Bella. I loved Edward and Bella playing chess. It really pays homage to the Breaking Dawn cover.

The rest of the movie from when Bella realises she is pregnant till the anticipated birth scene was great. I was really unsure how it was going to play out as most of the middle of the book is Jake's inner monologue. However it was really great to see it come to life. One thing I have to mention is the wolves. This time I thought they looked terrible. They looked really freak, like bad animations. I don't know what happened there!

The Birth Scene

Finally we got to the birth scene. I really thought part one was going to end when Bella went into labour but we actually got to see the birth and Jacob's imprint as well. The birth scene wasn't as gory as I thought it was going to be. We saw the birth scene from Bella's perspective, so she was in and out of conciseness. After little Reensemee was born Bella died. It was so emotional. When Jacob breaks down it is the saddest thing ever. I felt bad for Edward as well, he was begging Bella not to die. Some emotional stuff!

We all know of course Bella doesn't die, and it was great to see her "changing" into a vampire. It is hard to explain if you haven't seen it, but it was great. Jacob's imprinting was not as creepy as I expected. When he "imprints" I loved how if flashed to Reensemee all grown up and them together, the whole imprinting thing wasn't as creepy then.

I loved the way it ended with Bella opening her eyes and they where bright red. Such a sudtle but dramatic ending!

I can not wait for Breaking Dawn: Part Two. The next stage with Bella as a vampire is going to be awesome to see. Well done to Bill Condon for a great movie and a thanks to the wonderful Stephanie Meyer for creating a world I know we all love.

What did you think of Breaking Dawn? Are you team Edward or team Jacob. Comment Below!

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  1. I LOVED the movie!! I thought it was a PERFECT adaption and it was wonderfully made!!

    Oh and I'm Team Edward

  2. I really loved the movie, it was so much better than I thought it would be. Part 2 could not come fast enough when she found out she was pregnant the story really took off. It did the book a great justice. I'm team Switz because both Jacob and Edwards are great. loved your review!

  3. Great review! I have to say I thought the imprinting part was done very well...and I liked them showing her older too! It took away that creepy perv kinda feeling. This was my favorite of the movies so far - not my fav book but this movie was done so well. I've been to see it twice - I dropped a tear the first time and the second time I was mentally telling myself not to cry throughout the birth scene... Jacob & Edward were killing me... and I needed to cry. When I buy the movie and watch at home.. I'm going to let it out!