My Second Blogger Award!

I want to say a big thank you to the amazing Garden Summerland who awarded me my second blogger award! She is just awesome, check out her blog here!

The awesome award!

This is a pay it forward award!
I will now select my five top favourite blogs to receive this award.
Should they choose to accept, the recipients need to copy and paste the award to their blog, thank the person who awarded them, and then award their own top-5 favorite blogs with the Liebster Award!
My top 5 favorite blogs!
  1. Reading A Little Bit of Everything! This is an awesome blog, being a little bias as its my sister but it really is awesome. Check it out here!
2. Book Passion for Life! Donna & Jessica are awesome bloggers. They def both have a passion for books and are awesome UK bloggers! Check them out here!

3. Katie.M.John Blog! Katie is an awesome person and author! I have become great friends with Katie since I started blogging. You have to check out her awesome blog and her amazing books. You can check it out here.

4. The Guardian Legacy Blog! I love The Guardian Legacy series by Ednah Walters! I think she is an awesome person and writer and this is her blog for the series. Check it out here!

I could only think of 4 awesome blogs I love! (Sorry)

Don't forget to check out the other guys blogs!


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  1. YAY!! Thank you :) Who cares if you bias ya gotta be cause am your lovely sister :) Ty. :) xxxxx