Hey! Two of my awesome giveaways ended in the last few days! So now it's time to announce the winners!

First up the winners of the swag packs of Shade & Shift goodies by Jeri Smith Ready are:

Prize one pack goes to Diana! Congrats you have won:

*A signed Shade bookmark
*A signed Shift bookmark
*A signed sticker of Shade
*An Enthralled postcard signed by Jeri Smith Ready

Prize two pack goes to Molly Gibson-Mee! Congrats you have won:

*A signed book with Shade on one side and Shift on the other
*A signed sticker of Shade
*A Keeley Brothers Sticker
*Winners will be contacted shortly*
The winner of the Ebook of Pyxis by K.C.Neal  is:
#64: Michelle Adams
Congrats Michelle. The author will contact you to give you the Ebook!