Elements: The Beginning Blog Tour: Author Interview

This week is the Elements: The Beginning Blog Tour for author Kate Fuentes. Enjoy my stop on the tour with an interview with the author. Stop by Tales of Books and Bands tomorrow for a review of Elements!

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Since I was a little girl, I have had a vivid imagination and a strong sense for the whimsical. I began writing short stories and skits as a child and later began to write the small scenarios while I was journaling. I didn't fully grasp the concept of writing novels as a career until just recently and I still haven't taken the plunge entirely, since I still have a day job. I find writing to be therapeutic and an escape from the realism that surrounds us all daily. It's intriguing to immerse yourself into a book and get lost inside the pages. A great book can pass the hours as if they were minutes and saturate your brain with wonderous images. If I am reading an amazing book, I find myself dreaming about it and waking up reaching for the novel. That's what I want for my readers and that's what I strive for... to have the readers of ELEMENTS grasping for the pages and wanting more!

Can you tell us a little about Element: The Beginning?

The ELEMENTS series follows the lives of fraternal twins Talon and Gage Thorn, brothers born from an ancient prophecy and gifted with extraordinary elemental abilities. They are hunted by an evil emperor from the underworld and plagued with the threats of his nefarious creatures. Their family has been torn apart by tragedy and they must learn to harness their great gifts before it is too late. The Thorn brothers have been chosen by destiny to be the protectors of man, but the naivety of their youth and lack of experience may hinder them from completing the most important task in history... keeping mankind alive.

Where did you get the idea for Elements: The Beginning?

My children asked me to write them a bedtime story and so I began to write the main characters after my real life sons so they would stay interested. I added the supernatural aspect and a scary villian to further enrapture their minds with the sensation of wanting more. I am a BIG Greek Mythology fan and so some of my ideas are based on the outlandish abilities of Immortal beings with their wonderous powers. My children are also fans of Matel superheroes and this element was added as well. Some of the supernatural abilities exceed even my fantastical standards, but I wanted to be original and stand apart from other novels and story lines. By the time I had gotten half way completed, I decided to turn the project into an actual book and give it to them as a Christmas gift. I never dreamed I would actually publish the work! I did so as a demonstration to my children that no matter how old or young a person may be, always follow your dreams!

Who designed the cover of Elements: The Beginning and did you have much say in the designing process?

I designed the first book myself. I wanted the two elements of fire and water to be the main focus. I have always been drawn to books that have a basic black background and a visually stimulating image. I don't like covers to be gaudy or overdone. In my opinion, this distracts the potential reader. Simplicity is what I think works.

Book two, Veil of Darkness and book three, Kingdom of Aqueous were designed by Devan Edwards of Nimbi Designs. I wanted to go deeper into the story and have the image portray an actual character in the book and so I went with a character image with a particular element. Devan is an amazing graphic artist and is one of a kind! I explained to Devan what my imagination had conjured up for the covers and she designed the exact image I had dreamed! I find a basic picture and she morphs the image into what you see on the covers. It's amazing and I am grateful to have found her!

Why should we read Elements: The Beginning?

Of course I am partial to my series, ELEMENTS, but I think it has originality. I have two characters for readers to fall in love with or choose their favorite. I have also created a cross roads between fantasy and reality by going from the earth realm to various worlds filled with an array of characters both good and evil. Elements depicts the harsh reality of tragedy, the strength of family, the bond between brothers, the visciousness of wicked characters, and the extraordinary powers most people dream of having.

Elements: The Beginning

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