Review: Angelina's Secret by Lisa Rogers

Angelina's Secret
Book: Angelina's Secret
Author: Lisa Rogers
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Released: February 2012
Pages: 186 pages
Received copy from publisher for review

"Angelina's Secret was a book I couldn't put down!"

Angelina, a high school cheerleader, spent many childhood years in counselling sessions being taught that her imaginary friend Josie was just that, imaginary. However what happens when Josie re-appears years later. Does she accept that she's crazy or can see really see ghosts?

At the start of the book Angelina is having premonitions of things that are going to happen. She tells her parents but they are scared of believing that she may be telling the truth, especially her mum Patty, who I have to admit sounds like she has alot of issues herself. Of course she is telling the truth and a little boy Angelina looks after gets hurt. When she visits him in hospital he mentions his imaginary friend Josie and everything kicks off. Now Angelina can see Josie again!

She has to decide is she crazy or is she "gifted" and can see ghosts. Her parents go for crazy and place her in a psychiatric hospital, they really don't want to, but what would you do if your daughter/son/friend etc starting talking to something you can't see.

Angelina then goes on a journey to convince her parents she can in fact see ghosts and isn't crazy. However what is great about Angelina's Secret is right to the end you are thinking could she really just be crazy and isn't seeing ghosts.

Overall Angelina's Secret is a great read, well written and paced. The characters are intriguing, fun and believable. It shows you the strength a person has to prove what they are saying is true, no matter how crazy it is or how much trouble it can bring you. I can't wait to read more from author Lisa Rogers!

5/5 Stars- A great read!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you for the awesome review!

  2. Waw, I really need to read that one! Ghosts, imaginary friends and premonitions that's for me!
    thank you so much for this review :D

  3. This is a great book to read. Started reading and couldn't put down.
    I purchased 3 of this book, one for myself and the others for gifts.
    Read it, you will enjoy it.

    Irene (SEO San Antonio)