Author Interview: Lisa Nowak

Hi Lisa, Welcome back to the blog, since we last had you on the blog your have released the second book in the Full Throttle Series. How has the response been with the release of the second book in the series and is there any plans for more in the series?

Getting Sideways (Full Throttle, #2)Running Wide OpenThanks for having me back, Megan. My second book, Getting Sideways, has been well-received by fans of Running Wide Open, and the reviews have been great. I have five books planned for the series. Running Wide Open is currently free on and other retailers, if any of your readers would be interested in downloading it to see if my series is right for them. (Its not free on Amazon UK yet.)

In May you released a new novel called Driven, can you tell us a little about it?

Driven is actually book 3 in the series, and though it shares characters, it has a new protagonist.

Sixteen-year-old Jess wants to be a mechanic, but no one will take her seriously because shes a girl. Shes never even considered having a boyfriend because she thinks no guy would look twice at her. When she lucks into the opportunity to work on a race car, shes befriended by a boy who doesnt mind the grease under her fingernails (Cody from the first two books) and drawn into the family-oriented speedway community. These new friendships make it increasingly difficult for her to keep her moms alcoholism and neglect a secretsomething she must do at all costs to avoid getting
stuck in a foster home.

Where did you get the idea for Driven?

DrivenId already written the original version of Running Wide Open and wanted to do something more with the characters, and I also had an idea for a book about a girl mechanic from a broken home who street raced a tricked-out Gremlin. I melded the two ideas together, but made the Gremlin into a Pinto because its much more impressive to cram a V-8 into a 4-cylinder engine compartment. A Gremlin engine compartment is actually quite roomy. Im sure thats more than you wanted to know about the mechanical aspects. :)

We know you write coming of age books that somehow involve amateur stock car racing but is there another genre you would like to explore?

Ive got a first draft written of a dark paranormal YA book, and Im also working out the details of a series of YA paranormal novellas about a girl whos a plant whisperershe can hear plants talk. Of course theres a whole mythology to it, and a threat to the world as we know it. And a hot love interest.


Why should we read Driven in one sentence?

Driven is a deeply layered, character driven book that covers some serious subject matter while containing plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and a touching account of first love.


Are you working on any other books at the moment?

Im doing edits to the next book in the Full Throttle series, Redline (which has some real emotional sucker punches).

Summer questions!

What are your plans for this summer?

Editing Redline, doing some in-person speedway promotions (I sponsor a 16-year-old race car driver), running my landscaping business, and learning Photoshop. Theres a lot of graphic design stuff Ive been wanting to do with my blog, newsletter, Facebook page, etc. and I hope to have time to tackle that, too.

Beach or Lake?

I really love the ocean (I live about a hundred miles from the north Oregon coast), but its usually so much warmer inland at a lake. I guess it depends on the time of year. In the summer Id go for the lake. Any other time Id go for the beach.

Ice-cream or ice-lolly?

Is ice-lolly the equivalent of our American Popsicles? Id have to go for ice cream.

Favourite holiday destination?

The place I went to college, Eugene, Oregon, which is also the setting for my books. I love that town, and someday I plan to live there again. Its a hundred miles from my current home, but I go down to visit several times a year. They have this incredible little chocolate shop there, Euphoria Chocolate Company, so I have to go get my truffle fix from time to time. Oh man, I just drooled on my keyboard.

Favourite thing about summer?

Warm weather, long days, bright blue skies and golden sunlight. Days like that make me feel like I won the lottery.


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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Megan. :)

  2. Lisa's books totally rock! She makes me laugh out loud and within a few pages I'm tearing up. She has real. believable characters in situations anyone can relate to. You feel sad when the book is over because you know will miss the people you have met between the pages.

    And you accidentally learn a lot about cars, too.

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    Me, I like Italian Ice!

  6. While Lisa's sentence for reading her books is accurate, my view of them is different. You should read Lisa's books because they are REAL.

    The characters come alive and get under your skin, you feel for their issues, cheer for their successes, and taste the passion they have for their sport. As readers, we get the opportunity to live and breathe within the world and heart of characters that speak to and inspire us.

  7. I've just been introduced to Lisa's books. Her writing just flows, taking me deep into her characters' lives. I definitely want to read more of her stuff.

  8. Great interview. Great books. And who knew a Gremlin was such a spacious conveyance?

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