Author Interview: Roxanne St Claire

Don't You Wish
Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Like so many writers, I’m a lifelong reader. After every great book, I would wistfully wonder if I had it in me...if I could make someone feel the way that author had made me feel. After one particular fabulous novel, I decided it was time to try. I was hooked from page one, sold my first book about two years later (not that manuscript, however -- I sold my second) and haven’t looked back for ten years and thirty books!

Can you tell us a little about your new novel Don't You Wish?

This is my first young adult novel, born (like my writing career) because I am a huge YA reader -- have been for years. Don’t You Wish is the story of Annie Nutter, who thinks of herself as invisible and unremarkable, but gets thrown to an parallel universe where she is anything but invisible --she’s gorgeous, rich, popular, and powerful. It doesn’t take her long to learn that the price for that perfection is very, very high. Will she pay it? Can she not?

Where did you get the idea for Don't You Wish?

This book was truly inspired by real life. Like Annie’s mother, I was once perusing Architectural Digest magazine and came across a 25,000 square foot jaw-dropper of a mansion...owned by my ex-boyfriend. When my teenage daughter saw it, I told her how I knew the owner. Instantly, she imagined what her life would have been like if I’d have married that man instead of the (wonderful but not 25,000-square-foot-house-wonderful) man I did marry. I tried to convince her that she wouldn’t be, well, herif she had a different father. But her questions inspired the whole book.

In your book Don't You Wish, your main character plain and unpopular Annie Nutter gets zapped by one of her dads inventions into a parallel universe where her life becomes perfect. If you could be zapped into a parallel universe what do you think your life would be like there?

Good question! If I learned anything from writing this book, it’s this: no matter how amazing someone’s life looks like from the outside, it might not be the one you want. I’m going to stick with this universe. But, in a perfect world? I would have had at least three more kids! The chauffeur would have been nice, too.

From the description of your book I think it would make an awesome movie. Who could you picture playing your main character Annie and why?

And Don’t You Wish has been optioned for film!!! The script is done (I had a chance to consult, and that was just such a crazy fun experience) and is being read by multiple stars, including my first choice: Selena Gomez to play Annie/Ayla. For Charlie, her love interest? I need a 17 year old Ashton Kutcher. Any suggestions?

Why should we read Don't You Wish in one sentence?

Because it’s a completely fun escape from reality that will make you think and feel and laugh and cry!  And Charlie is hot. 

Final word from the author.....

Just to say thank you so much for inviting me here today! I’m happy to answer more questions in the comments section!

Don't You Wish is released July 10th. You can pre-order it here: Amazon

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