Bridgeworld Blog Tour: Book Excerpt

Today the Bridgeworld Blog Tour stops by the blog with an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!


234 Pages

Date Released: Published July 7th 2011

ISBN: 0615504450 (ISBN13: 9780615504452)

Language: English

Publisher: Hydra Publications

Book Blurb:

William Haynes was the type of guy that every boy dreamed of being. He was an honor roll student and captain of his middle school football team. He was dating the most popular girl in the school and had dozens of friends. Yes, life was perfect for Will…that is until a strange man shows up and forces his parents to reveal a secret they have kept hidden since he was born. He is told that he has been given a scholarship to a prestigious private school that his parents attended, a private school that happens to be in space. Will must choose between a life many would die for and a life none could imagine. A life where he is no longer perfect, where he must make new friends, and where he must survive a school rivalry like no other.

Author bio:

Travis McBee was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is the younger of two children and enjoys backpacking, playing rugby, and watching football. He is the author of four novels: Bridgeworld, Bridgeworld: Encounter at Atlantis, Triton: Rise of the Fallen, and Triton: The Call of War. As well as a children’s series: The Chronicles of a Second Grade Genius. He currently resides in Georgia.


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Book Excerpt:

He kicked a rock that was laying daringly in front of him on the cracked side walk. It skipped across the side walk and skidded sideways into the road itself. He followed it with his eyes and noticed the man for the first time.
He was a very out of place man, not because of how he was dressed, nor how he looked, there was just something wrong about him, something very wrong indeed. Pleasant Valley was a tiny town and everyone knew everyone, not metaphorically but quite literally, and every resident could identify every other resident. This was a stranger to Will; he had never seen the man in his entire life.
That wasn’t the only odd thing about The Stranger though; the man was just standing in the middle of the side walk on the opposite side of the road from Will. He wasn’t walking on it, or relaxing while leaning against something, he was just standing perfectly still.
The man was dressed in an inky black suit that looked perfectly tailored for him, without so much as an extra puff of fabric at any place. Around his neck was a blood red tie that was placed across the front of the clean white shirt and finally disappeared into the coat. His hair was as black as his suit and his eyes were brown, not the vivid beautiful brown of Jessica’s eyes, just a muddy boring brown. It was when Will noticed his eyes that he noticed perhaps the most important thing. The Stranger was staring right at him.
Will broke eye contact and began to walk up the side walk again. Inside his head was a torrent of thoughts He was staring right at me like he was waiting on me. Maybe he just noticed you staring. No something’s wrong about that guy. You don’t know that. Will glanced to his left and saw to his horror that the man was now mirroring his progress on the side walk on the other side of the street. He’s following me!
Will increased his pace until his feet beat a quick staccato on the concrete of the side walk. He ventured a glance again to his left. The Stranger had quickened his paste and was still directly opposite of him. Okay, yep he’s following me.

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