2013 YA Debut Event: Interview with author S.C. Langgle & ARC Giveaway!

Today I have author S.C. Langgle on Reading Away The Days. S.C. Langgle is the author of debut novel Alice in Everville which releases in March 2013. I have been lucky enough to have read Alice in Everville and will be posting my review next week. Enjoy the interview and why not enter to win an ARC of Alice in Everville when you have finished!

The Author: S.C. Langgle

I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but I’ve been living in Los Angeles, California off and on since 2006, when I moved here to attend the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC. I’m currently living in Hollywood, only a block from the Walk of Fame (where all the stars with celebrities’ names line the pavement), and I love it! I’ve been working as a freelance editor and writer for a while—I’ve written educational study guides, press releases for musicians, and more, and I edit a lot of romance novels! 


I’ve always been a huge reader, especially of children’s and young adult books, and that’s definitely how I got into writing. I’ve actually never enjoyed the process of writing—it kind of feels like knocking my head against a brick wall over and over!—but I guess through reading so much, I developed some talent for creative writing that teachers remarked on in middle and high school. As a result, I ended up studying writing in college and then in graduate school, but I still wasn’t sure about becoming a novelist. Honestly, I don’t think I would have attempted a novel if I had a secure full-time job, but with the economy in its current state, I felt I had no choice but to try writing a novel…and now I’m on my fourth! It’s still difficult, and I still prefer reading, but reading doesn’t pay the bills! And of course finishing a book feels very satisfying once you’re done.
The Book- Alice in Everville- About the book/ inspiration for the book

Alice in Everville
Alice in Everville is a hard story to summarize…luckily my amazing publisher helped me come up with the perfect blurb, which is below. However, since I know some people (like, um, me) tend to space out when it comes to reading blurbs, here are a few tidbits:

It’s a YA novel (although I think upper-middle-grade readers would enjoy it as well) about a fourteen-year-old girl named Alice Little.

It takes place entirely over one day.

While it’s a realistic novel, there’s a slightly surreal, quirky, larger-than-life feeling to it…one reader compared it to Dr. Suess’s Whoville, which I think is fairly apt.

The text includes poems which contain a code the main character solves to reveal a secret message.
The novel includes many plays on words and some original song lyrics.

And if that’s not enough for you, here’s the blurb:

A poem can seem like a labyrinth, a maze of words you can lose yourself in. The key is to find a thread to hold on to, to guide you in your reading, to lead you into and out of a labyrinth of words…

Alice Little thinks she’s read every word the world-famous poet Sylvie Plate published before her untimely death…until she discovers a coded message hidden in Sylvie’s final collection of poems--a message that may explain the poet’s mysterious demise. 

All she has to do is decipher the code and she knows she can convince her beloved English teacher, Miss A, that Sylvie’s message is real. Unfortunately, she only has one manic day at Everville Mall to do it. And between keeping track of her fountain-splashing, havoc-wreaking sister, finding a new copy of Sylvie’s poems, and…oh yeah…dealing with the blue-eyed, guitar-playing, majorly swoon-worthy Jaden Briar, who keeps popping up everywhere she goes, Alice wonders if she will ever finish deciphering in time.

How does it feel to be releasing your debut novel in March 2013?
Very scary! Alice in Everville is a very odd, genre-bending little novel, and I’m honestly not sure how people are going to react to it. However, I am of course also very excited, and if even a few people get something out of it, it will be worth it!


Can you describe you main protangnist Alice in less than 140 characters?

Alice is a thoughtful, dreamy teen who’s determined to see below the surface, even if she might not like what she finds…

Why should we pick up Alice in Everville when it releases in March?

Alice in Everville is a book jam-packed with references, winks and nods, and hidden connections. You can read it over and over, and you’ll find something new every time!

Bookie Questions


Favourite genre and why?

I’m not sure if children’s literature counts as a genre, but most of my all-time favorites are from this category, probably because the books I read while growing up influenced my development in such a major way. Reading as an adult just doesn’t have quite the same effect!

Favourite YA author and why?

Francesca Lia Block. She writes these very short, quirky, surreal, fairy-tale like stories that were a huge inspiration for Alice in Everville.

Debut author/ upcoming author we should check out!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on any 2013 ARCS, but from the description alone, this 2013 debut from Aviva Orr sounds AMAZING:
Favourite 2012 read and why?

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. It was the most perfect, unique, moving blend of historical fiction and magical realism, and a stunning interpretation of one of my favorite fairytales, The Snow Child.

A book series you love and why?

R.J. Anderson’s Faery Rebel series, for the very different and magical take on faery lore, and the badass faery Knife!

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  1. What made you step away from non-fictom to YA novels?

  2. The non-fiction was just freelance writing for a paycheck
    --I'm really much more interested in fiction! Thanks for asking!

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  8. A lot of the idea came from a dream...I will probably write a full blog post about it at some point!

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  11. I've always had a huge love for reading and consider myself a reader first and foremost...becoming a writer basically grew out of that.

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  14. The cover is what really caught my attention. And the story looks really amazing. I have a question for the author. Is there any reason you picked Alice as the heroine's name?

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  23. I chose the name Alice as a reference to Alice in Wonderland--while the book is not a retelling in any way, it includes many literary references, and Alice's world is a little odd and topsy-turvy in a Wonderland-like way. Alice's last name, Little, is also a play on words of Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for Alice in Wonderland.

    As for adult books, I certainly wouldn't rule it out!