8 Authors I really wanna read!

There are thousands of authors to try but I find I always stick with the same authors as I know am most likely going to love their books which isn't a bad thing. But recently I have wanted to try some new authors to me so I thought I would make a list of 8 authors I really want to try.

1) Sarah J Mass

I am sorry, I know I have been going on about Sarah J Mass and her ACOTAR series all year BUT I finally brought ACOTAR and am determined to read it this summer. Then I can finally see what all the fuss is about and knock an author of my to be read list.

2) Samantha Young

I discovered Samantha Young when I first got into blogging a few years back but never picked up and read any of her books. I actually had Samantha on my blog with an character interview and an author interview back in 2011. I also own some of her books so I don't really have an excuse. I am more interested in picking up her new adult/adult  books now compared to her YA books but she is definitely an author high up on my list. 

3) Rick Riordan

When Rick Riordan published his Percy Jackson Series I was 17 years old and just wasn't into middle grade but now I really want to pick up the Percy Jackson series and all the other books in that world. The first book is on my top ten books I want to buy next list so hopefully I will get to a Rick Riordan book soon.

4) Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is one of those authors that everyone seems to love or hate. I haven't read any of her books thus why she's on this list but I think I will like her books. I own Ugly Love which is the first books of hers I want to start with as I have heard its everyone's fave out of her backlist. 

5) Jenny Han

Jenny Han has been on many of my lists recently a bit like Sarah J Mass. Her To All The Boys To Love trilogy was on my summer TBR listSo hopefully I pick up a Jenny Han book this summer.

6) Nicholas Spark

Nicholas Spark is an author who I think I will love. I love romances, and he writes epic romances. I loved The Notebook and The Longest Ride movies, which where adaptions of his books so I think I will love his books. I think I want to pick up The Longest Ride first as I own it and I am familiar with the story.

7) Kasie West

Kasie West is another author who has been on my lists of late. I really, really want to read PS I like you and By Your Side. I just need to do it!

8) Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen has been writing comtpepoary romances for so long. I don't know how I have missed reading any of her books but I have. I am very excited to read Once and for all her lastest release its set in the world of wedding planning which sounds so good.

Is there any authors on my list you want to read? What are some authors you want to try? Leave me a comment.


  1. Yup I want to read Sarah J Mass badly too! I think you'd love CoHo Megan She seems very much your style :)

  2. I have read all of those authors, except for Sparks. I have seen all his movies, so I am less motivated to read the books. West and Dessen are two of my faves. I am a contemporary-ho and they just always write the perfect contemporary for me. Sweet and fluffy with a little substance. I actually read my first Samantha Young book not too long ago, Into the Deep, and it was really good. I finished the duology and plan to read more.