COYER Summer Reading List challenge- I'm in!


I am not one for doing challenges as I usually like to just pick up what ever am feeling. However I came across this challenge and it sounds like fun so I decided to join. The Coyer summer reading list is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life, Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! and Berls @ Fantasy is more fun

So for this challenge you have two options. You can just read all the books in any format, price range etc and just try and read as many as you can and review them and link them up. Or you can do the summer reading list challenge which is a read a thon of sorts which runs alongside the other option. The challenge starts June 17th and ends September 8th. There will be read a thons thought out the summer for the read a thon part of the challenge and fun over on both the facebook and twitter pages so make sure you are following all the social media pages. You can find all the information on the challenges and rules over on the website here

I am going to be taking part in just the basic COYER challenge as I don't like to set myself certain things to read and I will at least be taking part this way. There is certain books I do want to read and I have made lists over the last few months which you can check out below.

Top 5 summer releases & #Giveaway

My summer TBR bucket list

Will you be taking part in the challenge? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Yay COYER! I am super excited for this one. That winter challenge nearly did me in!

    1. I don't usually take part in many challenges but am looking forward to this one :)