Beautiful Libraries I would like to Visit (Inspired by The Library Of Trinity College Dublin, Pocket Photo Book)

As a lover of books I of course love a good library and there are some beautiful libraries around the world. One such library I have always wanted to visit is The Library Of Trinity College Dublin. It is one of the most stunning libraries and living a few hours away I have know excuse why I still haven't visited. But luckily for me in the meantime I received for review a gorgeous pocket photo book which allows me to "experience the Long Room as if for the first time, revealing the monumentality of the space, the finely wrought details of its architecture, and some of the secrets that lie between the leather-bound covers of its rare-book collection." Source

The photos taken by Harry Cory Wright are stunning and the book as a whole is beautiful to look though and imagine walking the length of the Long Room. It has an introduction from Librarian and College Archivist Helen Shelton who gaves us an insight into her daily experiences of being in hands down the most beautiful library in the world in my opinion. The pocket photo book would make a beautiful gift for any book lover and it has made me even more excited to visit The Library Of Trinity College. Until then I have my own copy of this beautiful book. Thank you to Thames & Hudson for a copy for an honest review review.

This book inspired me to think of some beautiful libraries around the world that I would love to visit. Here is my top five:

1) The Bodleian Library- University Of Oxford, England
2) Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart Germany
3) Clementinum National Library, Prague
4) New York Public Library, USA
5) George Peabody Library, USA

What is a library you really want to visit?

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  1. Looks like a good one to visit. I plan to see Livraria Lello & Irmão in Porto, Portugal soon which is one that they say influenced JK Rowling.