Back to blogging?!

I have done many of these posts over the last few years. I get excited about blogging and I do loads of posts then I lose interest again! And I think the main reason was my content felt very static and was just the same book hauls, wrap ups (when I did them) and blog tour posts and I just wasn't feeling it. Another reason I think is since I started my blog in 2013 my reading tastes have changed and I didn't feel my blog moved along with that. I was mainly a YA focused blog and I have went from reading YA to mostly adult romances/erotica with a few contempoary YA books thrown in that I really enjoy. Because of this I felt that I couldnt share content I wanted as I didn't want to offend the people that followed my content for YA when all of a sudden am talking sex and romance. I also didn't feel comfortable sharing that content which I know is all on me. 

In 2019 I want to get back into blogging what I want. I want the fun to come back and that's means posting what I want when I want and also coming up with some fresh new content. There will still be hauls and wrap ups but there will be lots of new content that I would love to read which I think you will all like reading as well. 
From talking about all things romance and book boyfriends to discussions on various book topics within the romance genre. 

That being said its not like there will be no YA content I still do pick a YA book every so often that am interested in but for the most it will be adult romance books and am really excited to share them with you. 

Over the next few days starting December 25th I will have some favourites of the year which I love doing and then in January I will be hitting you with more posts. Let me know in the comments below what you like seeing on book blogs!

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