Top Ten Of 2018: Favourite books of the year!

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It's the end of the year which means talking about our fave reads of the year and I have finally worked out my top ten along with a few honourable mentions. These are in no particular order. Books linked to Goodreads.

I love a MC book and the Vicious Trilogy is probably up there as one of my favourite MC books. I read all three books in the trilogy this year but Vicious Cycle which  I gave 4.25 Stars is probably my favourite. This was a 2015 Release but it's one I'm glad I read this year. 

Meghan March in 2018 became an auto buy author for me. I am so glad I found her books. Not did one of her books make my top ten list but two. The first being a 2017 Release of which I read the whole trilogy but Ruthless King is my fave. This book took me on a ride and didn't let go. It went from a good 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars in the last 10 pages. So many feels, shocks, cliff hangers, mortally grey men, dark romance, New Orleans! It was just fantastic and the rest of the trilogy didn't disappoint.

The second Meghan March book on my list is Savage Prince the first in the Savage Trilogy of which I read all three books but this was my fave. This whole trilogy released in 2018 and Meghan March cemented herself in my auto buy list with this trilogy. I just love the romance, the darkness, the story and I swear the most twists and turns and cliff  hangers I have ever read!

I read the first book in this series last year and really enjoyed it. I also read both The Good luck Sister and the subsequent third book this year however The Good Luck Sister was my favourite of the two. This is a feel good contempoary romance story and I really enjoyed the protagonist in The Good Luck Sister giving it 4 Stars.

I read all six books in this series this year and loved it. Each book follows a different character in the Disciples Daughters or someone connected to it. As I mentioned I love an MC book and this was so addictive. Engage the third book in the series was my fave getting 4.5 Stars from me.

This was by far one of my fave 2018 releases and I am highly anticipating its sequel in 2019. It's a YA Contemporary Romance that follows Daisy as she enters the world of Royalty when her sister becomes engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. It was funny, and serious at times and just a joy to read.

This was my most highly anticipated book of 2018 and it didn't disappoint being my most highly rated book of the year by giving it 4.75 Stars. Times Convert is based in the same world as the All Souls Trilogy my fave trilogy of all time and I was so excited to be back in this world. It was like coming home and give me so many feels.

I read my first Mia Sheridan book in 2017 and it made my top ten list then. In 2018 I read two of Mia Sheridan 's books and it has now cemented her books as auto buys for me. Out of the two I read the 2018 Release More Than Words made my list. It was raw and magical and just gave me all the feels. It made me cry which is always a bonus. Mia Sheridan ' writing is just beautiful and I can't wait to read more from her in 2019.

This is a book I wanted to read last year but just never got to so this December I made this a priory to get to and am so glad I did. It's inspired by a Christmas Carol and is a modern take on the  Scrooge story. It was not what I was expecting. It had me hooked from page one and the ending was such a twist. It also made me cry which as I said before is a bonus.

Christmas Lane was such a sweet gay romance that I really enjoyed.  This is the first M\M romance I have read and I can't wait to read more. It was just such a beautiful romance and the setting of the story was wonderful. I highly recommend you check it out.

Honourable mentions

What are some of your favourites of 2018?

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  1. I wish I had time to read Time's Convert! I will definitely be trying to get to it this coming year. Awesome list!