My 2 Year Blog Anniversary celebrates with guest post from author CA Kunz & #Giveaway

Today is my 2nd Blog Anniversary! I can't believe I have been blogging for two years, it has flown in. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows my blog, leaves a comment, talks to me on facebook and twitter and an even bigger thank you to all the publishers and authors who have trusted me with some of their amazing books over the last two years. I hope that I will continue to blog for many years to come and am thankful that I have books in my life, an escape from reality which is amazing to have. I asked authors Carol & Adam (CA KUNZ) to write a guest post for my anniversary as I love their books and have grown to love them as authors as well as friends :)

Over to Adam & Carol and check out a giveaway for all my wonderful followers below!

The Childe (The Childe, #1)Hello everyone!
Were so excited to be doing another guest post on Megans Blog, Reading Away the Days, especially since this one is in celebration of her 2nd Year Anniversary. She has told us to talk about anything, so here it goes

For those of you who dont know us, were a mom and son who write young adult books together. Our journey started three years ago when we had the idea to write a book for fun. So far weve written three complete novels together. It hasnt been easy, but weve learned so much through this whole process and have had a lot of fun along the way. We chose to write in the young adult genre because we wanted to appeal to one of the toughest audiences (in our opinion). Yes, we said toughest. When kids are in elementary school theyre like sponges. They soak up everything thats given to them, including reading. And since many children have parents that read to them at night, you find that a lot of them love books. Then along comes middle school. Reading becomes a little bit harder and books are assigned in school, books that may not hold their attention. It can seem like a chore to some, but for the die-hard readers its still somewhat acceptable. Then they arrive at high school which brings with it a large amount of strong peer pressure. Reading might not be seen as cool. In fact, some might be ridiculed for their love to read. So, we wanted to help the middle and high school kids continue to read, without being bored or thinking it is lame, by providing books that would appeal to them.

Dark Days (The Childe, #2)
Our first series is The Childe, and weve decided that it will be comprised of four book. Book one, The Childe, introduces the reader to Catherine Colvin, a fifteen year old girl whos entering her freshman year of high school. She has to deal with catty girls, bullies, a mean teacher, and turning into a creature weve called a Childe. Drawing from our own personal experiences, and the personality of our friends and family, weve developed characters that young people can easily relate to. Our second book in The Childe series is Dark Days. It continues right off from where The Childe ended and takes many twists and turns while leaving the reader wanting more. The above statement is not our own opinion (though we do like to think its true), but that of the many readers and fans of the series.
We also started a new series which weve called The Biotics Trilogy. The Modified is the first book, and it introduces readers to a futuristic, dystopian world thats been thrust into its first intergalactic war with an unknown alien species. Seventeen-year-olds are forced to join the worlds military to combat the enemy. Some are singled out as special candidates, and are then modified into super soldiers.

The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)
Our love of writing has opened so many doors for us. Weve attended several conventions, book festivals, library chats, and book signing events. With each new adventure we have increased our good friend population. Of all the events, the most enjoyable are when we interact with our target audience. We visit schools and talk about writing, reading, and any other topic that might come up. We also have a book club that meets one day a month at the High School Adam graduated from. We walk away from these events totally uplifted and with affirmation that were on the right path.
So this is only a little bit about us, and if you are interested in learning more and connecting with us personally please visit our Blog, Facebook Author Page, and friend us on Twitter. We love to talk and interact with everyone.

Thank you Megan so much for having us on your blog to wish you a happy 2nd anniversary, and we know there will be many more to celebrate!
Carol Kunz Adam Kunz
C.A. Kunz
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  1. My fav YA author is Richelle Mead. She wrote the Vampire Academy series.
    I like her witty writing and the cool characters she created! And the world building is just awesome :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  2. Do I have to have a favorite YA author? I know LOTS. And love them all. Carol and Adam are of course in my list. :-)

  3. I have so many that I love I couldn't pick just one but I love Indie authors and want to support their work. Carol and Adam are a couple of the many talented indie authors out there.Thanks for having the giveaway!:)

  4. woohoo, Happy Anniversary our AWESOME MEGAN! We so LOVE you :)

  5. I have to agree with Richelle Mead, but I also love Kat Zhang, Melina Marchetta and Jack Heath. (You couldn't let me choose just one! :P )

  6. picking one is way to hard! Right this second I will say Shelly Crane. I love all of her series. I am so excited about this giveaway Carol and Adam are awesome!!!

  7. My favourite YA author is Trish Doller. Her writing is smashing, it's so real and true. I love her book, Something Like Normal and can't wait for the next one called Where The Stars Still Shine.

    Happy second blogoversary! Wish you many more successful and fun years of blogging. :)

    The Guest Post is awesome. I enjoyed getting to know the authors.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I have so many favourite authors that its really hard to choose but Ill say Richelle Mead :)

  9. Happy blogoversary!! My fave author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. I love her books, I love the way she writes :)

  10. woohoo, Happy Anniversary our AWESOME MEGAN! We so LOVE you :)

  11. Happy Blogoversary! My favorite YA author would have to be Richelle Mead because Shadow Kiss was the first book that actually made me cry and then we have the fact that I just generally love her books :)

  12. My fave author is Rachel Vincent. I love all of her series: Soul Screamer, Shifters, and the Unbound. Happy Blogoversary!!!

  13. Elena Dillon....check out her book: Breathe!

  14. I have way to many to name! There are so many amazing YA authors out there.